The Hilarious Haunted Super Mario Bros

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I have read a lot of Creepypasta in my time, and i had a simalar experience. It is not what you would expect, though. It was when my copy of Super Mario Bros. came in the mail. I played it and noticed that the title said "SUPER LOL BROS." I thought this was some sort of comedy hack, I played on, and the first goomba came, and when i jumped, it jumped onto me and knocked off Mario's head, and a trollface appeared on the goomba. Then a message appeared saying "RESET YOUR NES FOR MORE FUNNY!" Then another message appeared, saying "I AM THE LOL GHOST! IMMA MAKE UR CART POP OUT!" then i laughed at the grammar and saw that my cartridge popped out of my NES, and so, that is why not all ghosts are evil. I know this was short, but i want to reset my NES now and get some more hilariousness. Is that a word?

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