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I made a horrible mistake. When I was at comic con about ten years ago, they showed Dexter's rude removal. I thought this is the only chance I would ever see it. I grabbed my camera and filmed it. After the cartoon was over I went home.

When I got home I got a strange phone call. The person said he was a cartoon network Intern. He said if I don't destroy the tape he will kill me. I thought this was a joke so, I hung up. When I was on the computer, It said that my private info was stolen.

Eleven hours after my computer said that, I saw three cars entering my driveway. I saw a intern and some bodyguards get out of the cars. They had guns. They knew my doors were locked so, they broke my windows and got in.

They said to me "Give us the video tape!" I got to my trap door and got to my panic room. I think they saw me so, they went down too. When they got down, they started shooting at me. I grabbed my shotgun and started fighting back. When I thought I killed them all, they turned into zombies.

I grabbed one of their guns and shot all of the undead bodyguards. I saw the Intern appear from the shadows. He said "You think you can kill all of us?" My bullets fired at him after he said that but, the bullets did nothing to stop him. The Intern had a fearsome transformation to a demon.

I escaped my panic room and went upstairs to my living room. The intern made the panic room explode with his finger. It found me and tried choking me. I stabbed him in his left hand with a pocketknife. In pain, the demon transported to a different place.

I followed the demon to it's hideout. A shed in the woods. I poured gas on the shed, then lit my match. The demon burned to death.

If someone tells you that you can't video tape something, listen to them.

Credited to Dabomb62

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