The Killer Porno of Death

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Legend has it, that's there's an old abandoned warehouse located somewhere up your mother's ass. If one were to find the secret location of the warehouse, one would require a golden key, which you can either find at your local Wal-Mart or hidden inside the lost temple of the Aztec empire. But, we all know how expensive Wal-Mart can be. So, you must pick the last option. The lost temple is located somewhere in Narnia, so one must own a teleportation device, or a simple wardrobe. If you retrieve the key, and find the old abandoned warehouse hidden inside the rectum of your mother then enter the old abandoned warehouse, you will find that it is empty except for one thing on the floor. Do not touch it until your mother shits you and the box out of her anus. The box contains a rare copy of a burned CD containing "The Killer Porno of Death". Originally found on PurpleTube (lesser known sister to the site RedTube), this porno is rumored to be so hot that your body will explode into semen. I know this is all true, as a senile old man that lives on the street told me this.

Credited to Sarah The Flareon/Business Cat 

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