The Krusty Krab Training Video Lost Copy

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History Of The Episode

In 2002, Nickelodeon released the famous episode of SpongeBob, the Krusty Krab training Video. However, what they didn't want the public to know was that there were two copies, one that was sworn to never air on broadcasting. Lost in time, this 'lost film' was still not found. The following confidential footage is what is believed to be the infamous second copy. one user uploaded a video called Spingebill learns the dark arts of the krusty pooping showing part of what could of been the footage.

The Episode

the episode is really just a filtered version of the krusty krab training video with refrencence of mlp, vocaloid, memes and more unnesseserly stuff but at the middle of the episode the music changes and the screen zooms out of one of spongebobs black socket. this lasted until the credits come by again the credits contain more refrencences but the noticeable thing was the "IN MERMERY OF TOM KENNY". the episode was aired at the same time tom kenny died refering to his death. footage of the episode was not even found exept for little from a youtube user named AwfulFawfultheFalafe. who seems to have had taken the part of the episode but not the rest. uNTIL then the episode was found on a bootleg DVD on the flee market on 7/30/2013 by a person named James Cover. The footage was the same exept when it went to the spongebob staring moment the scene lasted until a hige pitch tone is heard and it ends. until then no one ever knew about this. maybe it's best if we don't.

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