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One upon a time there was a lady. She ws very lady and beutiful. People liked her but not much because she was bullid at school, because chool is hell for kids and she was a tennarge of 16 years old when everyting happend. She wanted to watch her favorite Yotuber Pewdiwpie because she does that always. It is why she is bullieed. But she had alrady watched all pewdiepie videos!!!!! she cried but then she typed in 'lost pewdiepie videos' on Youtbe to find more or else she would die. Her name was LucyDiePie buut people call her Lucy. Why? Because it is the true nature of her name before she deided to be very Pwdiepie fandom. Luccy found a video called 'Pewdiepie.exe' so she clicked because exe files are always mysterious and intrigued for some reason. The video was just statuc with blooddrinking screams all over it. She felt scsared but wanted to see more becuase it was pewdie pie after all. She looked at the descrpitpon and found an adress that sad: (Adress)

She relaized it was an adress next to her house so she smoled and arived at the adress.

THere was an old, creepy lady with 10 fanf books in her ends.

"Hi." Lucy said. "I come for Pewdiepie.exe video."

"GOOD." yelled the lady as she shook in extrmely fear. She gave a little strange dvd to Lucy. "Here. Take it and never coe back. It is bery hauntd and bad. I wish it is never in my fave again."

Lucy srugged it off becuse she thought it was normal. So she took the Dvd with her.

She put it in her dvd players and smiled because pewidiepie. But then no pewdiepie so she cried.

this is what we found writen in her journal rgarding the following events:

The video became stwatic and now all I saw was little dead bonies. I cried because I was a big brony when i was a 12 year old. But 12 yera old was dead, so i just ignored it. But then it cut to an episode of X-files called "MULDER 666" but i said 'ormal' because X-files is always scaru. WORNG. it wasnt normal and it was more scary then anything you can imagine with your mind because it is so creppy the human mind cant think of something as crepy. I looked because X-files is good but not as good as pewdie pie cause pewdiepie is ogd.

It started with 10 ovnis but there was blood on them so i vomited all over my room. But i didn't care and continued watching. An alien came out and cied: "we need more mUlder!" anotheralien smled so much it almost came out of my TV screen so i was scaed. then the into played but the music was slow and distorded like someone had threw it off a cliff then times because putting it ona blender so i cringed. the cards of mulder and Scully also said 666 so i almost died. but i was like "well ok then." and continued watching because dying isnt that importnat. then there was a man with a smile as large as aliens that came and said. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO ALIENS." so everyone slapped hom and there was such blood that everyone died but mostly him. Then it cuts to the Fbi looking at files about the dead man that screamed "ALIENS" but in the oicture of the man there was a screw into his face and someone was thrwing a baby in the backgorund. "thi s is real proof of aliens." mulder said. "No it is is proof of madness." said Scully. Then a cat died and had guts all over the place, and the onwder sad it was aliens. "yes." Mulder agreed because the cat had much blood witch alwys meant aliens had done it. But then a mysetrious white light stole the cat and thre it in the garbadge.

"Ok." said Scully before turning back to more importnat things.

"noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo." Mulder cired because proof of aliens was gone. He then looked at the men that scremned aliens with a screw on him face and the epiode cut to black for 2 mintues with screws all ove rmy Tv. I cried in fear.

Then the Fbi said. "We have found ded dog." And it was very much blood and maggots, so it was aliens.

"no." Scully slapped the dead dog. I smole because it was finally funny. but then there was a very much smile alien that said. "Goodbye Mulder" and Mulder vanished so all fbi slapped the dog. Then an fnaf character came and slapped the alien and it vanished.

"We need find Mudler." Scilly reminded,.

"Ok." said a ver much smile,

But Mulder reapeared instantely but there was the word 666 on his clothes but Scully ignored it because she dosen't care about the 66.6 aliens.

but mulder threw the very much blood and very much maggots dog in the sky so everyone yelled.

"wht." said and Fib agent.

I was confued because mUlder didn't usulayy throw dogs but then agin what do i know%.

Sculy walked but the man that shoud be dead with scresws and aliens arrived with 10 marshmallows and he told a little boy. "Eat it." So the boy died.

"omg you are a murder." Scully accused him because she saw him beause she almost had eyes all over her body. But no one cared about that.

Everyone cared abotu the screw man coming back from the dead to poison a boy with much marshmallows.

Scully and Mulder investiaget marshmallows and i saw machmallows on scren. But i died because they were hyperrelaistic and wierd. But then i came back to life to continue watching because i was like "what."

Mulder ate marshmallows but didn't die so everyone gasped and somone fainted but then he was very much apducted by the very smile alien we saw at the beginning to i cried because th eman looked like me if i was a man and had black hair and a round face and darker ees.

Scully said "Why are you nt deying you love pranormal so munch you become the parnaormal." and he shrugged and then the man wirh screws was arrested for accustrions of having poisoned a kid.

Scull and Mulder had to interogate him on kill kids.

"Why you kill so kids?" they asked.

"I kill." he shrugged. "because kill = more blood and much blod = aliens. and aliens told me to make them exist or i woild be exploded and out of servie"

"But humans are not out of service." Scully said savagly.

The kill guy was about the explain everythong but Mulder gave him a lion for his birthday and he dyed.

"WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" Scully screamed at him and the lion so the lion became very much blood.

It was aliens and the aliens with smile was there, smiling.

"Stop smoiling and get you ugly face away from the entire univserse." Scully scrmaed at it so it smiled more. it smoiled so much my Tv almost broke from smiles and i was scares of smiles.

then everything became static except the smoile and then the alien was dead and scully saw 666 mulder was a fake mulder made of robot and the killer was also a fake robot made by aliens. Now the real mulder and alien men appeared becuse alien died but then another alien exploded into a ghost and the ghost fought with the alien withvery much blood and the dead dog revived to kick the alien and i was scared becuse zomie dogs and my worst fear and then Mulder Scully and all FBI said "ok" and hate popcorn while watching zoombie dog and ghost attack and alien and then there was much blood of alien on the screen so the episode anded and i was so scared i thoght i became the most scared person in the univwrse.

Butthen i was happy because it was ended but then i frowned becuse it said:

now for the second thing on the Pewdiepie.exe... mlp:fib.

i was liked what the actualy hell because it is not supposed to be mlp:fib because its friendship is magik and magic dosen't start by a b but a very much m. but then i realized it was becuse it said friendship is badass instead so i smiled because maybe it would be cool i used to be a very huge brony when i was 12 after all so very much smiling but not like an alien.

The Mlp sarted with a flutter shi saying "it very much good say to kill." So i puked becuse she had filled her house with dead pnies. the dead ponies died and twilllight sparkled appeared and said. "Fullter shy why are you become a murder?" "I kill!" Fulluter's face became a very much devil as she said 'kill'.

"well u can't kill me because i am your friends." she screamed.

"No i can i slready killed Pinky pie."


"Becaus ehs e is crazy and annoing."

I cried because Pinkie Pie's name was like PewDiepie and she was dead so PEwdiepie was dead so i cried for a million years.

Then i stooped crying and looked as flutter shyh tried to kill Twillight but she flew away so fluter shy also flew after her becuse she is a pegasus so she can do so but Twillight is an alicorn and alcorns are badass so maybe its why it was called firedship is badass. then she threw booms at Twillight's wings so her wings exploded and she fell.

She cried "futter shy please don't kil me we are firneds rmeeber?"

Fluter shi replied. "NO!" and stabbed her 100000000000000000000 times until she was dead and ripped her body is 100000 pieces so there very much plain and i cringed and puked at the same time. FLuter shy then also killed rainbo dash by shedding her skin slowly becaus flutershi was now as psyhcoa path ad loved seeming people suffer. The she went to the apple family and said. "PEOPLE CUT APPLES SO IMMA CUT YOU." And she cut them and blood almost splashed out of my screen because of how hyperrelaistic it was and i cryed liked a baby becayse it was scayr.

Then she errupted into the house of the last main six alive (rairty) and said. "DIE OR DIE." so Rairty died and decomposed immeidaitely. Flutterhsyu smiled because she loved decompsoed things because she was a strnage bery much smile.

But then fulter shy was sad because she had killed all main six and couldnt kill so she killed the princesses instead but sice they are alicorns they are harder to destroyed so she destroyed them with 10000000000000000000000000000 guns at the same time wihc was so scary and loud i cried.

Then the episodie turned to static for 33 minutes but i srill watched cause i am an idiot and then there was an imag e of Fulter shy saying YOUR NEXXT and i was scared to death but then thought about Pewdie pie so i war revived. The CD then said. "GO TO (Site adress) AND DEOWLNOAD EVIL GAME) so i obeyed because i have 1 brain clel. I used the one brin cell to tpyoe the site adress and download the game and i played it because the pewdiepie.exe tape said so but the game was also .exe and very haunted it was a fnaf game but fnaf was alwys scary i thought but WRONG because it was worst and would show things even normal horror games wouldn't show and Fna f isn't usally like this because usually there is a bit more lgoci. I opened the game it was called FIVE NGIHTS AT FREDDY'D : BONIE KILLS and i thougth 'weird' because Bonny dosen't kill people except night guuards. So i thoguht maybe there would be noightguards. but there was instead an image of hNery with very guts spilling out his stomach like he was scoped but there was no scopper so i was confused but then i saw bonie did it because it is called Bonnie kils and bonnie removed guts to KILL PEOPLE. I cried and wanted to close the game or at least skip this terrible cutscene but it wouldn't let me so i almost fainted but then Henry was still alive or he became like Mochael and said "BONNIE KILLS" to everyone within a one kilometer radiius. Circus Baby sad: "NO ONE CARES ABOUT YUR OPINION."

"but its not an opnon" said HEnry. Then it showed a close up of his belly with guts all over th eplace for 10 seconds before Baby explosed and killled a choild by doing so.

"Bravo." said IWlliam when he saw a dead kid and =smoiled so gutless Henry pucnhed him and then they boat died with very much blood so much we could barely see what was happeneing but they are dead now so it was the end of the cutscne.

I now played as Greogory and my task was to found bonni i assumed it ws to stop him from killing people. when i walked i found many dead people and children that Bonnie had killed and Chica said 'Why" to hima nd he said 'BECAUSE." before killoing her Freddy Foxy and Golden Fredy but Golden Freddy was a very mysterious and power so he didn't die and punched Bonnie for having killing them. Then Foxy's body decomposed but then i said "Impossible." because robots do not legally decompose so that was ILLEGAL. And the official demomposed Fnaf chracter Micahel said it was very Illegal to Foxy's dead body bt then Bpnnie tried to stab a kid so he threw a pizza at Bonnie and Bonnie said "AHHHHHH NOT THIS GODDAMN PIZZA." and i (gregort) just watched it all in confused but then i decided thelp mochael and the kids that was half dead and tried finding something to kill bonnie i found a gun that said "YES GREGORY KILL." on it so i tried to shot Bonnie butit shot EVEYONE at once instead and everything that was alive was now DEAD.

I was orrified at what happened but my character (Gregort) was smiling like thr devil and Micela said "Greory why did you become a s^pychopath??"

"Because Bonnie told me so." Greogry's smile became big like the X-file's alien's so i cried and then my task was "find more things to kill and i was teleported t o a pizzeria with kids and th egun shot the kids but ince greorgy was also a kid it also shot him and he died and frowned because he died tryong to kill kids and couldn't kill kids anymore and then went to hell and killed a kid in hell so he smoiled again but i was so disturbed i didn't noticed because ilooked at the disturbing hell that said "ELCOME TO HELL GREOGURY YOU KILLED 15 KIDS SO YOU ARE HERE" but Grgeort destryed the sign and said "WELL JOKE ON YOU I LOVE HELL." and smoiled and at that point i was scared but the game still wouldn't closed so i watced in HOROR as there was more cutscnee. Glamtorck Fredy was crying because Gregory becme evil and DIDE. and HEnry cried because he was gutless and Mociael said "you get used to hit." But then CHica became undead and had a Gregry's gun idk where she had found it since Greogory died ina pizzeria and she was not inthe pizzeria!!!!!!!! But she shot Ennard and there was blood and animatorncs bleeding are as illegal as animatroncs decomposign so i cried in terror and ennard died in exotic butters and became the exstic butters. I cried because exotic utters are now made of Ennard!!!!!!!!!!. That made Henry puke because he just ate Exotic butters and then the cutscene ended and i also puked but not because i athe exotic butters.

Then i was in gameplay again and i was now a kid called CASSIDY but in all caps so i shrugged and plaed. my task was 'kill WIlliam and survive 5 nights" which was normals because Fnaf was about suriving five nights and cassidy liked kill william. So i smiled as the game was final normal. but THEN it WSN'T. because it said survive 666 NIGHTS! I cried because that was wayy to much nights and because 66 is the devil! Then i looked at my chatracterr (Casidy) and she had NO EYES like if a sicko had ripped them out and there was blood and someone i think she was still able to see but Michael was also able to see with no eyes so i said "normal" but then Cassidy also had NO MOUTH NOSE AND EARS? and they had also gotten ripped out. It said "Chica and her gun did it." when i asked myself why. I was scaredbecause the game had red my mind! but then i wondered why CHica did it because CHica didn't want killing at the start but then the pc red my mind againa nd said it was because she was angry because she had been kiled!!

Then i saw WIlliam and i had a knife and there was already blood and skin on it and then i stabbed WIlliam because as Cassdy that was my purpose in 'life'. THere was very much WIlliam blood but WIllima's blood was PURPLE because he was pruple guy!!!!! I cried because i was scared and panicked at the pruple blood flowing all ove rmy screen and then there was a jumpscare of Freddy from Fafn 1 but it was WRONG because the audio was backwards and his jumpscare was hyerrealistic and had very much bloodo! The there wad the crudely drawn gameover scene that seemed like it was made in Ms paint and it said 'Tu meurt dans le jeu tu meurt dans la vrai vie, je te promet!" which was french (the scarfiest language!) for 'you die in the game you die in real life, i promise." so i died irl but then i revived because i heard Pewdiepie say 'YOU WON'T die." like in Fnaf and PiewDIe Pie was my life juice.

I was so scared from my experiece that i contacted my cousin who is a friend of scot caethon and works at stealwool studios!!!!!!!! I told him i AHD TO SPEAK TO SCOOT NOW. and he said "ok." and then Scott said. "What?" and i sad "did you make this scaryyyyy game." and i showed him the faceless cassidy. and he gasped. "oh no this. I was afrisd people would found out it existed. It was made by an angry person at stelawools that was angry because i said that i didn't make all animatonics scary. And so he punched the not-scary animatronics and made this!!!!!!!" I closed the cal with Scot and cried becasuse i died 3 times because of Pewdiepie.exe but then i was like "ok..." and went to bed but then WHEN I WOKE UP MY PC WAS OPEN AND MY BACKGrOUND WAS SET TO AN IMAGE OF BONNIE KILLS THAT SAID "YOUR VERY NEXT!"

(end of the part of the jiurnal)

So lUcy was so trumatised that next time she wnet as school and saw her bullies she remebered Greorgry in Bonnie kills and how he killed people and she deicded to kill them. Sehe killed them and there was so much blood and usually she hated blood but now she loved it! It was warm and soft all over her fce and clothes and she admired it for 2 minutes but then the plocie tried to catch her but she said 'NO!" and went to her room and the police vanished. and then she looked at her bloody shirt and said "i wanna be a killed! like fluter shy and greogry!" so she killed eeveryong she saw, even her FAMILY! but she was now blinded by killing and all the blood in her eyes. In fact so much blood was in her eyes that now they where dirty red and she could barely see but she didn't mind as long as she was killing people. And then one day she 'saw' Slenderamn and said "omg." and Sldernrman was strong so she wasnL't sure if she could kill him because he is strong but she wanted too because she wanted to kill everything alive she saw and she also wanted to kill DEWD thongs! Slender man said 'here is a golden knife use it to kill evryone." and then she used it to kill people at the grocery sstore and eveyrone in the story died and there was alot of blood but people thought it was just ketchup since it was a grocery so she got away with it!!!!

And then one day Lucy killed a very guy and he was Jeff the KIller!!!! so she cried because she killed a killer and she loved killers but then she found another killer that said. "He was my rival he killed all the people I wanted to kill. thank you." and trhough her bloddy eyes Lucy stil could tell he was beaitful and she fell in love and so now she was happy and then she said. "Ok we date?" and he said "yes." so she kissed him.

Years later they had a baby and he was a killer they killed him Pewdiepie.exe as an hommage to the cause that turned Lucy into the wonderful killer mom she was now :)

she was now called Lucy the KLLER and loved to kill people with her family even tho her husband was now half burnt becuse of a stubborn person that tried to burn him when he tried to kill them!!!!! but he survived and Lucy kissed him at thehospital. The family of kiler was never caught because they are JUST THAT smart and Pewdiepie.exe was beaitful killing baby with one pink and one blue eye and crazy balck hair like his mother and pale skin like his dad. He was the best and they all killed happily ever after as they became immortal from having killed that much peoople.


Written by AFUniversCat
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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