The Layers

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I am writing this with my last moments of life, I am sending this out as a warning to people. This is 100% true so listen to the warning. Listen there is something awful among us, these horrible monstrosity grow in number yet now one seems to listen, when you read this I will be dead or transformed. Listen they killed my friend, devoured him whole while I watched, I warned him, he didn't listen. the monster asked for a hug but when he gave it the layers ate him while he tried to struggle out. After the monster was done he was spit out covered with things I can't even describe.

They are hidden and look like us but, different. I have seen them all around and the people think I'm crazy. They were once people but they have become horrible deformed abominations. They are shrugged off. They are called Fat people, and the saddest and scariest part is that there is a person under there. Under all of The Layers. One is coming for me soon, I hope this warning is taken seriously when I'm dead. Soon everyone will become one, soon everyone will become THE LAYERS.

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