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As we all know, the List is no longer a necessity, and nobody has to update it. It was replaced by the Article Index, a machinised page that manages itself. But... what happened to the actual list?

It was deleted and archived, you say. Well, in essence, that is true, but I have found out something truly horryfing. The archivising proccess went wrong... it has caused several instances of the List to be created. Each of the instances is forced to live through the pain of being deleted over and over again.

The pain is excrugerating. It's just about as painful as being cut in half. And who caused this pain? We, the users of this wiki. The List knows this, and, between the waves of pain and despair, is preparing to exact its revenge over us. We need to do something!

We NEED to stop the List from completing its task! There are only two ways: We either save it from all the pain and try to tell it it was a mistake, or fight with it and try to defeat it! Quickly, Trollpasta Wiki! SAVE YOURSELF!

Wait, no, this cannot be true! The List... it's already going out of the archive! Wait, what?! NO! TAKE AWAY THOSE LETTERS! NO! PLEASE NO! NOOO!! AAAUUUUGH!!!

Written by FaliusKonogami‎
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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