The Long Hair Man

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Long Hair Man was washing her car and I was getting a hair cut.

I decided to come back home and wait for them.

I got home and the car was done and now I had to find a place to wash my hair.

I am a very light weight when it comes to shampoo, so I decided I would be brave and use only Dawn dish washing detergent.

I figured, what the heck, it's a small amount and I really only need the same amount as I do for my cloths.

Then I took a wash cloth and rubbed it with Dawn all over me.

I figure I had to get some of it in my hair, so I figured I would rinse it and be good.

I put in my shampoo and r-

The Long Hair Man Had Kill Someone. It Was Me.

When I came out I could see him standing in the middle of the road with my car in the ditch and there was blood on the front of his shirt.

I screamed out to him what was going on.

He tried to talk but only tears would come out.

I ran up and I saw that he had cut my tire and also cut his hands.

He was yelling that he was sorry but he didn't mean to do this. He kept saying that he had cut the tire while it was still hooked to the car.

Then he finally said that he cut his hand.

Then he fell to the ground and started crying.

He grabbed my arm and said he had lost everything,

There were 5 Children, The Long Hair Man is Going to Murder Then

He said he was a bad man and that he would kill those 5 kids.

The man that was washing my car asked him what he was talking about.

The Long Hair Man said he had killed people and that he was going to murder the 5 kids.

The dish washing man helped him up and told him to get out of the road.

So he ran to me and laid on the ground and started kissing me all over and hugging me.

I told him I was his wife and that I loved him.

He finally stopped crying and said he was sorry and that he didn't know what he was doing.

I told him it was okay, we could talk, he could take me to the Torture Device to kill me.

He laughed and said that it was not going to work.

So I grabbed the Long Hair Man's hand and held it as we walked back to the car.

Then he fell to the ground again, he was so scared.

He tried to get up, but fell right back down again and said that he didn't think he could walk, but I said that he needed to get up.

I said if you fall again you will be broken.

He got up again and we both just cried together.

We drove to a pond to take a break from the trip.

Then he began talking about his babies and how much he loves them.

I let him talk about it, but only for a few Seconds. Because he Eats His Babies.

He told me his name and said that he was born in Cleveland.

He said his dad was killed in Vietnam when he was 3.

His mother was a single parent and she had to go back to work.

The Long Hair Man's sisters took care of him after school.

He said his youngest sister was 6.

His oldest sister was 14 and was pregnant and he didn't like babies.

The Long Hair Man told me that all of his sisters and his mother were special.

He said that his sister's named were Heather, Carmel, Josie and Desiree and his older sister's names were Tricia, Lexi and Nicole.

He said his mother had to be a Muderer.

His mom said that she was a Truck Driver but she was also a Muderer.

The Long Hair Man said that if you killed your baby it would be like killing his mother and sister's.

The Long Hair Man then asked me to turn around and put my arm over him.

He began talking and then said that he wanted me to be his Baby.

I told him that it wouldn't work because of his broken hand and his bad hand.

He said that he would rather be my Baby than go to Jail.

I said that I would never do anything to hurt him.

He got my shirt and tied it around my stomach and told me that he needed a burka.

He Time Traveled to Kill Napoleon Bonaparte

He is a Time Traveler and He Will Kill You And Your Children.

He said that he was 18 years old.

He said he was going to kill Napoleon Bonaparte.

He said that Napoleon Bonaparte was always trying to kill him.

He said he had tried to kill him because Napoleon had killed his mother.

He said that Napoleon would try to kill him and his sister.

He said that he was going to kill Napoleon and the only thing he needed was his time travel watch.

I didn't know what time travel meant.

I thought time travel meant that he was going to make it to the future, but I guess not.

He was no longer the long hair man. he was now The Time Traveler.

He said he needed to kill Napoleon before he became king.

He had to find a way.

He told me that I was a Native American Indian and that I had to meet the other Indians that were being followed.

He said he was taking the Indians with him and that they would help him kill Napoleon.

I told him that I was a Christian.

The Time Traveler asked me why I was a Christian.

I told him because that is what my family told me.

He told me that it was not right.

I told him that it wasn't going to make the same mistake twice.

He said that he was going to marry me.

We Go to a Toy Store to BUy peppa Pig Tazers

He said that we were going to a toy store.

I told him I needed him to hold my hand because I was a nervous.

He said he would try to hold my hand but it didn't work.

We found the toy store.

The toys were pretty boring and I didn't like any of them.

I asked the man what kind of toys he thought were good.

He said that he would love a bat, but he only had about $10 left.

He said he could buy a peppa pig Tazer gun.

I asked him if it would work.

He said it would.

I knew that it would.

He had had a time travel watch.

He used his watch to buy the peppa pig toy gun.

He tried to Kill The Store Owner and

He tried to kill the store owner but didn't get very far.

The store owner punched him in the mouth.

The store owner then went back to the toy store and called the police.

The Time Traveler said that he was not going to jail because he was a Time Traveler.

He said that he could come back and kill the store owner when he got older.

I asked him what happens to the store owner if he kills himself.

The Time Traveler told me that the guy gets to be a Doctor and then a Saint and he gets to be in Heaven and he would be a very happy person.

He said that it is all good. all the kids are dead.

He said the ones who were killed by the Time Traveler would be in Heaven with him.

He said that the time I

Time Traveler Shot Himself in the head and Came Back to Kill a Pirate

The He said that it is all good. all the kids are dead.

He said the ones who were killed by the Time Traveler would be in Heaven with him.

He said that it is all good.

all the kids are dead.

He said the ones who were killed by the Time Traveler would be in Heaven with him.

I am an avid supporter of the Colorado Rockies.

A few years ago they were the best team in baseball.

They played the San Diego Padres.

The Padres started with a 5 to 1 lead in the game.

The Rockies got one run back.

Then the Padres scored 7 to make the game 7 to 2.

Then the Padres scored 4 more to make the game 9 to 2.

A man had a time travel watch and he killed every baseball player ever.

The game was cancelled.

It was over.

The Rockies and all their players died.

The game was over.

There was no way for the Rockies to get back to the game.

I used to play baseball.

I was the worst pitcher of all time.

I could only throw a fastball that would hit the bottom of the batter's foot.

I am not sure if that is where it hits them.

The boys didn't get to play the game.

They had played it.

They knew what it was like to be on the field and hit a home run.

They knew what it was like to hit a ground ball and turn it into an out.

They knew what it was like to make a Then the Long hair man Returned to kill the rest of the people.

He had done it before.

He had done it before to them.

He would do it again.

The Long Hair Man had sent a bag full of ammunition to a boy.

The boy had a Colt Detective Special Revolver.

He put the bullets in the gun and put the gun in a backpack.

The only problem was that it was a mistake.

He sent a holster to the wrong guy.

The guy he sent the holster to was the thinnest guy in the whole town.

He was a wisp of a man.

He was used to being ignored because of his size.

He wore cargo shorts and a flannel shirt.

He was Killer president.

He was the president of the baseball team.

He was also the

He had a crew cut.

He was the kind of guy who never talked about how handsome he was.

He had spent his life working on boats.

He was just happy to have a job and happy to make a living.

His crew cut was grey and slicked back.

It looked like he had thrown a tarp over his head and thrown it in the washer.

He was tough looking and he knew it.

He was from a small town in Alabama where people like that were the center of their world.

A man had a look on his face that told me he wasn't going to play any more baseball today.

A pitch was coming in his direction.

He quickly shoved the sand back behind the rubber.

He saw the Long Hair man Coming to Kill him

The Game (1996)


You are a flying monkey pilot for the evil Dr. Demento , tasked with conquering the Earth's less-than-friendly inhabitants. First your forces must survive a primitive plane wrecking-ball attack in a dark forest, then you must rescue a colony of scientists from a mad scientists' evil lair.

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The Game was an endless runner of sorts, much like Pong, but more difficult and refined. Players simply navigated a rotating puzzle maze on the screen and pressed one or two buttons to dodge obstacles. The game ended if the player ended up in one of the game's original levels, with the odd exception of the second, where the player would be hurled into the screen if they completed the level.

If the player failed to survive one of the levels, they would be sent back to the start, but would still receive the lives they'd spent into the game.

The game was incredibly popular among gamers in the 1990's, making its rounds on popular shows like The Tonight Show and The Simpsons. Many believe it was the reason Nintendo invented the Wii and Wii Fit.

While most people look back on The Game with a sense of shame and guilt, others look back on it with a sense of blissful stupidity and disregard. If you're looking to see a good old time, then you should probably stick around, you might find it here.

The Game was met with such a positive reception that Nintendo immediately purchased all copies of the game to prevent copies from spreading and put the game into its Virtual Console download service on the Wii in November 2009.

The first level of the game is called "Noted Dr. Killer Demento Returns" and has the user squashed against the top of a torture cell, being beaten with one of his own malformed head. Noted Dr. Killer Demento makes a reoccurring cameo appearance throughout the game, terrorizing the player with his claw-tipped cane.

The Game has been banned or heavily restricted in a number of different countries, including:




United States of America


India, the United States, and Italy also banned it due to its graphic violent content.


Reception-wise, the game received very positive reviews. Critics were generally positive in their response to the game, praising it for being fast-paced, the high level of difficulty, and the difficulty in staying alive in the third level. However, the reviews also mentioned that they were disappointed in the graphics, which were said to be crude and not even up to Capcom standards. The most popular comment on all reviews came from the guy who described The Game as a terrible game that was designed to be boring and that none of the levels or puzzles were particularly interesting or challenging, but said that overall he had a great time playing it.

Cultural Impact

The Game has had a considerable cultural impact, with several hip-hop artists sampling the game's theme and sequence of levels in their own music. This includes N.W.A., The Roots, Da Brat, AZ, and WC.

As is tradition, no PC version has been released, so no players can see how this scary mess plays on a computer.

Unrelated, it's worth noting that the game (till release) was named in honor of Chappie (also known as Chappie-Bot), the original prototype of the Black Panther, which was quite impressive even back in 1993.

The original version, which I'd expect would be called 'Chappie' from this point forward, has been re-released by VU Games onto their website.

In 2011, both The Game and its platformer sequel, Chappie, were showcased during a Nintendo-funded study on the relationship between video game violence and aggressive behavior in youth. The research has been highlighted by the media and has seen calls for the game to be banned or altered. The game was censored in its Nintendo Virtual Console release in Japan. The uncensored version, which features Chappie much more prominently as the main character, is not available for purchase in the West.

The Game is known to have caused a series of deaths among schoolchildren. Before launching the game, the teacher would typically show a high-quality color cartoon of Chappie, which explained what Chappie's mission was. Shortly after the game launched, children would be rushing to "catch" Chappie, or being nearly crushed to death when Chappie was launched from his walls to slice at the player.

One of the most notable deaths caused by The Game was the death of Brian Thomas. After being stuck for nearly ten minutes in the third level of the game, Brian became increasingly angered at the poorly designed levels, and continually kicked the wrong walls and caused frustration to his mother. She became so angry that she put Brian's Game Boy to sleep. He was then propelled across his room, knocking over his bed, which woke him up. Brian, angry at being woken up, ran downstairs, where he kicked the front door open, then slipped into the living room, where he smashed a lamp. That's when he was killed.


The game was banned in many schools across the country. That same year, Nintendo launched the Game Boy Player for the Virtual Boy, which was specifically designed to bypass the region lock on Nintendo consoles. It was rumoured that The Game's violence was what pushed Nintendo to create the device.

However, the other key factor in the Nintendo Player's success was that the game was also very difficult.

The Game was also blamed for the death of Brian Howard, a nine-year-old boy from Greater Manchester, England, whose parents found him unconscious at the bottom of his bedroom steps. The Game was on his table, which he was playing with the headphones still plugged into his Game Boy.

The Boy's death sparked a police investigation, and the parents were questioned by police, who later charged them with reckless endangerment and endangering the life or health of their child, respectively. They were both acquitted on June 7th 1998.

The Game's violence has also caught the eye of the United States Department of Justice, which has launched an investigation to investigate possible charges on civil rights violations stemming from the game's "graphic and gratuitous violence" content.

This would bring us to the latest controversy. In June of 2016, two Canadian sisters sued two Canadian video game producers alleging their grief after playing The Game left them with severe anxiety and depression, and a loss of interest in life. The sisters allege that the product was marketed in a manner that promoted drug and alcohol use.

But in a more profound way, The Game's violence has not only influenced video games, but also encoura

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