The Lost 1937 Mickey Mouse Cartoon Rumor

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There is a rumor. This rumor comes from a series of old forums, that was leaked on one of my Discord servers. These forums seem to date back from the late 90s to early 2000s.

These forums are discussions on a rumor, that seems to have been forgotten until now.

The rumor goes as the following: "There is a "Mickey Mouse cartoon", that was made independently by a man. This man was a serial killer; who made these demented cartoons, using his deep voice for Mickey, and the sounds of his victims suffering for the character he animated Mickey brutally killing".

Ah yes, your standard ghost story bullshit about a demented episode or short of your favorite childhood character. But there are more rumors to this; although not all of them can agree what the context of this Mickey Mouse cartoon, or whatever any of the others of the shorts connect to it.

Hell even most of them abandon the whole serial killer thing. Even though if it's lost, then who even is going to know the context of this thing; let alone its existence if ever fucking existed.

But most tend to agree on a few points: The animation is messy and rough, It has a strange creepy art style, The audio is rather disturbing, and it features a long-snouted Mickey, with green buttonless shorts. As well as the deep voice, Mickey was said to have had in the short. Besides these key details, the contents of the short; and stuff that only a few versions of the rumor speak of.

There is no clear, or direct version of what the short has, what its contents are, or what its background is.

Besides the few trademarks, the rumors have remained, like the green pants-wearing Mickey.

The only thing that has directly always remained, is that the short the rumor speaks of; was made in 1937.

The only thing left to speak of regarding the rumor is this image that was posted in one of the forums.

The man who posted it stated that he had seen the film and that this image was the only thing he would be ripping from the footage. He stated he has the other films, but states the contents in them are "far beyond what a human being's eyes should see".

And so he stated he planned on burning them. At the end of the day, this is just a dumb rumor that was rediscovered. I'll leave the supposed image of the 1937 short. I see all of this as bullshit, but if it's real or not....that is, for you to decide.

1937 Mickȝy Möüsȝ

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