The Lost Angry Birds Halloween special

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In August of 2016 Angry Birds was going to have a Halloween special to be aired on FOX. the film was completed but never released.

However it accidentally aired on a FOX channel somewhere in New Orleans. It aired on halloween night at 11:30PM.

I watched it becuase I live in New Orleans. I was waiting for an episode of Family Guy to come on but instead the Rovio logo appeared.

Then some spooky music (the kind you hear on kids specials) played. Then camera then pans in to Bird island and Then into Red’s house witch has Halloween decorations on it.

Red then comes out and says "Its Halloween!". Then, Chuck comes along screaming worried. He shouts "RED THERE IS HUGE WAVE OF ZOMBIES COMING! THEY ATE BOMB. YOU HAVE TO GET OUT BEFORE YOU DIE!"

Red then runs with chuck. Red is yelling, "Is this a joke?!". Chuck then says "What the Hell do you mean? This is not a joke god damn it!".

I was not that suprised chuck was using curse words but then the zombies apeared. They were absolutely horrific.

They did not scare me that much becuase I have seen happy tree friends so most of the gore doesnt realy bother me.

The zombies eyes were hanging revealing brains. Their beaks were ripped off showing an ugly hole with rotten teeth that had blood and organ shreds crammed in.

Red, chuck and a few other birds went to hide. Red tells chuck "where is bomb?". Chuck then started screaming in terror. It sounds like Josh gad (chucks voice actor) really screaming.

He then says "he has been consumed. He is dead!". Red then says "Holy fuck!" Chuck continues to scream and the other birds start too.

The zombies then reach the birds. They eat Chuck and everyone else but red. After this the zombies explode. Then a bloody pile of organs are splattered everywhere.

Red then says "okay then!". Red then goes completely INSANE. And started to Laugh with a Deranged smile.

Then Red picks up a knife and stabs his face to carve his face into a Jack o lantern. He cuts open his head and pulls out his brain and things and puts in a candle.

Red then looks like a Horrifying jack o lantern. Happy tree friends could not compare to this becuase this was in CGI like the film ways.

Red then yells "FUCK MY ENTIRE LIFE!". Without any warning he says creepily "lights out..."

There is black silence for about a minuite. Then daytime on the island comes. A bunch a dead body's of birds are shown.

And reds skull is placed in front. The film then cuts to red text reading "Happy Halloween!". After 4 more minutes of this scary thing the video ends.

Fox then aired a paid program for some vacuum. Halloween and Angry Birds will never the be the same again.

Credited to Gumballfantic

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