The Lost Disney Park

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I was walking across the street to get some milk one day, when I saw a piece of paper lying around. I picked it up and said "NEW DISNEY PARK LONDON" Even though I'm 27 years old, it seemed interesting so I went to London and followed the map. In front of me, was a huge sign which said DISNEY LAND PARK ENTER but written in red blood, was IF YOU DARE. I got scared... but the curiosity got the better of me, and I investigated. I walked behind the sign, and it was just a hole.

I looked down the hole. Stairs. It must've been an underground park. I walked down and saw a statue of mickey. It would've looked friendly, if it wasn't for the big black eyes, with blood dripping down. It was probably fake blood, but it looked real, running down his face. I carried on, until I got to the park. It looked amazing, yet very creepy. I decided to look at one of the coasters, when the ground shook. I looked back to run out, but the door closed and locked. I was trapped in here. It stopped shaking, and I decided to run. I ran until I got to a street looking area.

To my right, was a restaurant and to my left was just dirt. I imagined it would've had grass, but it didn't. I carried on walking along the road, and I came to what seemed like an 2014 anniversary parade. It's weird how this became abandonned during a parade. I investigated, and the costumes were still there. Goofy, Pluto, Donald, Mickey and Minnie, all there. It was weirder because the costumes were still standing. All of a sudden, they moved, smiling at my sinisterly. They got closer to me, and that is how I died. They ripped my limbs and placed them in another costume of Mickey. Now I stand on the parade. Next time you see a paper about a new Disney park in London. Stay. Away. From.


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