The Loud House: Lola's Rampage

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Hi, I'm Ian the Creepypasta guy and this is my 6th Creepypasta so enjoy.

It was a normal September saturday, I was on Paramount+ via my smart television and when I decided to watch The Loud House, I then suddenly found this "secret" episode called "Lola's Rampage" as I already knew that Lola was going to be pissed off at nothing because she's stressed too much, but like the idiot that I am, I pressed "play" on the episode and it began. The intro was normal at first (although every character was now an adult) with Lincoln running through the hall to reach the bathroom, but then when Lana fixes the pipe to the sink, a black liquid came out instead of water, and where the beat happened, Lincoln's sisters were chasing him with weapons and instead of Lori having a phone in her hand. she had a kitchen knife, then when the sisters sat on the couch with Lincoln. Lincoln ended up blowing up into a cloud of skin patches, blood, bones and organs.

Then the episode began with a title card covered in tears, then after the title card, it cut to a black screen of Lola looking angry staring at the fourth wall, she didn't say the reason though, then after 5 minutes of this, Lola said in how loud she can scream out to me "Fuck my life, I have a stupid family, but that's not the worst thing... THEY CANCELLED THIS YEAR'S PAGEANT! GRR!! THOSE FUCKING BITCHES WILL REGRET IT!!" Lola then walks out of her room with a box of weapons and walked into Lincoln's room, before Lincoln could say anything, Lola shot him with a sawed-off double-barrel shotgun in the stomach area. then she went into Lisa and Lily's room, Lola slammed Lisa's head into some battery acid. causing her face to desintegrate, revealing part of her skull. then Lola threw a toy chest into Lily's crib, crushing her. Then Lola went to Lucy and Lynn Jr's room, Lola shoved garlic into Lucy's mouth, making Lucy suddenly choke on it because she's like the vampire of the house. And "in Europe, many cultures have used garlic for protection or white magic, perhaps owing to its reputation in folk medicine. Central European folk beliefs considered garlic a powerful ward against demons, werewolves, and vampires. To ward off vampires, garlic could be worn, hung in windows, or rubbed on chimneys and keyholes", so...

Then, Lola dropped a bowling ball into Lynn Jr's skull, cracking it, then Lola sneaked into Luna and Luan's room, and then Lola decapitated Luna with a fire axe then ripped off Luan's skin from her arms with a swiss army knife before ripping Mr. Coconuts apart with her bare hands, then Lola went into Lori and Leni's room, as Lori yelled at Lola "Get out of my room while I'm doing my stuff! Ugh! I don't like how people interrupt my privacy." Lola didn't listen to what Lori said, she just snatched her phone out of her hand and threw it out the window, then Lola bit Lori in the neck so hard that she started screaming in pain and scratching it, as she was scratching her bitten neck, her skin started to rip apart and then Lori died of blood loss.

Lola then grabbed Leni's sunglasses, stomped on them, and stabbed Leni in the eye with one of the glass shards, then Lola goes downstairs with a noose and a rope in her hands, the noose was to strangle Lana who was watching television and the rope was to tie both Lynn Sr and Rita. First, she used the noose to strangle Lana and then tied Lynn Sr and Rita up to the top of Vanzilla, and drove them off the side of a canyon as a car crash followed by Lola screaming was heard.

Then the episode finally ends with a shot of Lola's dead body on a rock, with part of her jaw missing, both of her arms torn off, she had a black eye, and there was part of the rock impaled on her chest. Then the end credits play in the usual style. This episode scared me not that much, at 4:05 PM I contacted Nickelodeon and 1 day later, they responded with this

"This was originally going to be the finale of season 1, but it was too violent, adult-ish and explicit for us to air so we replaced it with "Snow Bored" and we cancelled that episode from airing, but somehow, someone got it on both television and Paramount+, so then we will remove it tomorrow. -Best regards, Paramount Global"

But unfortunately, I forgot to take any screenshots because I was too lazy to get my phone with me and maybe it was all a work of fiction just like the other pastas. Anyways, my next creepypasta will be on Shaun The Sheep. Take care.

Credited to Objects22

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