The Man of the Shadows

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Well, typically this is where I'd say... "Oh I've been such a fan of this series blah blah" No. This is where it gets real, this is not some story about a fake game that you'll never see. This is my story, this game terrified me to no end, and to this day, I will never be able to look out of the corner of my eyes with out seeing... "him".  This man was born from the depths of hell, for the sole purpose of revenge.

His sole purpose is to kill, with his blank white eyes and deadly weaponry. All his foes can ever do, is stall the inevitable. Although at the same time, I feel bad for this man. He wants revenge for his family, his friends, they were all murdered in cold blood by a man with ice running through his veins.

This man has made it his life's goal to find this one man, and drag him to hell to suffer eternally, and feel the pain that he had felt when he was in the same situation.

I feel like I am running out of time, I hear feet moving, I am being watched by something I can't see! If you see this man it is already too late. You can't run, you can't hide, for he will just ensnare you with his horrifying chain.

All you can do is stall, stall until you hear his most his raspy, soulless voice screaming at you, wanting blood.

I'm afraid it is too late for me now, he's found me, and I am going to die just like the rest of them. You may wonder who this man is, but he has no true name, he only goes by the name Scorpion. 

Goodbye everyone


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