The Most Scariest Creepypasta Ever Written In The Entire History Of Forever

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One a cold stormy night I went into this creepy looking house. It was old and smelly. So I went in just to see what was inside. The house was old and stuff. Did I metioned that the house was old? Anyway I went inside and the first room I entered in was the living room and saw all this neat old stuff. An old T.V set dating back from the 1950's, a record player, old sofas and tons of other cool stuff. Then I went into the kitchen and I saw the walls oozing green slime and stuff it was very scary. Next I went into one of the three bedrooms in the house. It was a boys room that had an old broken T.V and and old bed. It looked creepy and scary. Then I went into the next room which was a girls room and it had old dolls and a broken bed and stuff. It was scary too. Finally I went inside the master bedroom of the house. It was empty with only a creepy looking ceiling fan and all of a sudden I heard a noise and when I turn around to my left I saw a spooky ghost dressed in... a ghost costume. I was scared shitless so I ran back to my house. I entered my bedroom and I heard a noise coming out of my bedroom closet and when I opened the closest door  and then... A SKELETON POPPED OUT!!!

The end.

Written by CreepJohn
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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