The Pains of Labor

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It was finally here. The day they had waited for with bated breath, in wonder, and in fear.

Their first reaction had been overwhelming joy. But a doctor's visit had revealed alarming news: the doctors were prepared to do everything they could, but it was uncertain if Olaf could survive the delivery.

Mike Wazowski had begged his lover not to go through with it. It was dangerous, and he couldn't bear the thought of losing him. 'We could adopt!' he had pleaded. But Olaf was unwavering; he desperately wanted to bring their child into the world, even if it ended up costing his own life. Mike eventually came to terms with the snowman's wishes. This was so incredibly important to him.

Seeing him lying there on the hospital bed, in the struggles of labour, Mike could only think that he had never been more beautiful.

"Mike...I love you," Olaf said shakily.

"Don't worry, my honey-cicle," Mike said, grasping his thin, wooden hand. "You're going to be just fine."

"Promise me, you'll take good care of her..."

Mike placed a loving hand on his snow angel's cheek. "You know I will. But you're going to help me! We're going to raise our beautiful child together, okay?"

"Of course..." Olaf smiled.

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