The Pikachu Who Bled Blood

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I'm so scared right now. There was this guy who gave me a Pokémon Yellow game with a ripped of label. He ran up to me screaming like a crack-head saying "AHH! T@Ke ItZ Y0U's!" and ran off. I shrugged it off like it was nothing and went home.

After a while, I popped the game into my Gameboy... or at least tried to. It wouldn't fit. So I got up and got a hammer. It took a few good whacks to get it in. I decided to put the Gameboy in the Time-Out chair for 10 minutes for being so naughty. Then I sat down and turned it on. Watching the game start up, I almost threw up with nostalgia. Ah, nostalgia is a wonderful thing, no?

When Pikachu jumped up on the title screen he did his cry. Only it was slowed down so much it took almost 3 minutes for it to end. Pikachu looked a little elated: this huge, manic-like grin. Its eyes were pitched black with red glowing dots. Well, the game is over 15 years old, so I took it to be a malfunction of some sort.

The game played as normal for a day. After I had beat Sabrina I saw something weird. Behind Pikachu was a trial of little red dots positioned like footprints. Sensing something to be off, I ran to the nearest Pokémon Center to tend to the matter. Nurse Joy didn't allow me to heal my party. Instead, she said this: "You shouldn't be here... run...". I was a little confused. I shouldn't be in Saffron City? Run? I didn't remember anything like that in my old game. I figured this to be another error. Damn glitches.

I got out of the little hospital to continue on with my journey, hoping my tiny friend would be alright. Instantly Gary came up to me and challenged me to a battle with the line "There's no escape... you failed to run...". Another strange message that made no sense. The battle started and Gary sent out his Flareon. It was level 666 with an HP count of 666. Glitches galore here. I sent out my Charizard, 'cause, ya know, kill fire with fire? Gary wiped out Charizard with one hit. But My heart stopped when I read the text below.


I panicked. Died? I looked at my party screen and gasped. Charizard's sprite was black in a puddle of BLOOD! Instead of reading as "FAINTED" it said "DEAD". I began to cry. My poor Charizard. My poor, poor, overrated CHARIZARD! But then I brushed it off as another malfunction due to age. Damn clocks and how they keep time moving.

The rest of my party fell into the same fate. All that was left was Pikachu. But before I could send it out, a ULTRASUPERDOOPER HYPER REALISTIC picture of Pikachu appeared! It was the crazed title screen sprite. Pikachu began to speak, and by speak I mean speak. Not some string of text, actual talking. "Why don't you love me", it spoke, "I thought I was everything to you!" It looked so angry. I began to cry again, "You are! I'm so sorry!" Then my system shut itself off.

I took out the game and ran upstairs to my room to cry. Before that I had to take out my Gameboy's batteries so I can burn them (don't question it, it's what I do). But there were no batteries in them! I dropped my Gameboy and ran upstairs, screaming. I approached my room and saw Pikachu sitting on my bed! I had to halt. Its right ear was missing with blood squirting out like a fountain. It had the same eyes and grin as it did on the title screen. It was bleeding from its mouth. How could a Pokémon BLEED!? It then stuck its paw into its chest and ripped out its heart. Pikachu just stood there holding the organ, the upside-down frown wide as ever. Then I fell through the wall! Not far from me was a tidal wave of BLOOD! It was so HYPER REALISTIC, even for real life! Then I ended up in my bed. I got up and fell through the ceiling again and landed in Lavender Town. I could hear the song... that god awful song!

I'm still in Lavender Town. It's been a month now. All I hear is that song playing. Everything around me is made out of pixels. Every now and then I hear faint, high-pitched whispers. I turn around or glance over my shoulder to see if anything is behind me. It's usually behind me, smirking. But I figured out that I only see it if I look over my left shoulder.

It's after me. I know it. If I don't look behind I know it will get me. I've finally deciphered the harsh whispers: "It's too late to run now..." It's still bleeding. There's a gaping hole in its chest and it continues to bleed. Whatever that thing is, it's not a Pikachu. I must be in hell.

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