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You're not gonna believe this, but I bought this Pokémon game from GameStop. I bought it 'cause Pokémon was a big part of my childhood. I was skeptic of buying it but for some reason I bought it anyway.

So I played the game. The title screen didn't have Pokémon on it. it said 666 13 suicide avi jpg wmv shit.

Then I went into the game itself and then it showed the Pokémon Trainer killing Pikachu. Then the Pokémon Trainer became a Pikachu and then it asked me to put a name in.

I named the Pokémon Trainer "Joanh", but when I put it in, it renamed it "13 666 suicide avi shit nugget".

Then it had this really creepy song playing really loud on loop and I couldn't stop it. I tried to turn it down but then it got louder.

Then I tried to take it out of the Gameboy. The game stopped, Then I looked in the mirror and I saw a demon.

The end.

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