The Psychotic Feraligatr

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I remember it all clearly it all started like this i had just received Pokemon heart gold and abandoned crystal i started playing Hg Prof.oak went through his usual talk and i was scrolling through it I went and got my starter i knew what starter i was going to get to i picked totodile and went to his summary "whoa" i said startled he wasn't a totodile he was a feraligatr his hands covered in blood a psychotic smile on his face eyes red the blue was now black the red spikes on him was torn off and suicune typhlosion and celebi(my Pokemon crystal teem) lie dead at his feet then a text box appeared "i killed them" "why" i said weakly trembling i was surprised when he herd me "because you didn't love theme anymore you abandoned them" he said "yes i did abandoned them but i still loved them" "I'm sorry" he said his smile turning to a frown do still love me""no" i said "your a monster if u didn't do this i could've loved you" i hated this i hated feraligatr i hated it all i took out the cartilage thew it in the washer covered it in heavy blankets slammed it shut started the washer turned of my dsi and calmed my self down then i went to my computer and booted up my Pokemon ruby ROM hoping everything would be OK but i was wrong feraligatr appeared but psychotic smile still on his face"Ive been waiting" he said

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