The Real Seecret (Notch Theory)

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As you can tell, Markus "Notch" Persson was the creator of Minecraft, and has worked hard to make the official release, and helped Mojang to continue developing it for him. But what you didn't know is that he is more of a secret person. You wanna know why? Well I tell ya.

Notch DID have a dead brother. He was found dead during the time Notch went to college. He was put in a coffin, and they put his computer with him.

Secretly, his dead brother was a zombie, and made a character looked so simple that it still scares people. He uses a Steve skin (except it has a smile instead of a emotionless expression and full white eyes and no pupils. He is mostly known as Herobrine, aka HIM). It is unknown what his real name is. Notch found out he was alive, and he promised to never give out Herobrine's real name in real life.

He made jokes of adding in Herobrine, removing Herobrine, and he always made excuses for not having a Dead brother.

He also chose a pixel like texture for Minecraft due to his likeness to the Nostalgia 8-bit graphics. He got the idea of the skeleton because of a overrated Trollpasta cliche.

He also was a spy. He stole as much minerals as he can and actually put them into the Minecraft using technology so power not even your computer can handle it. He didn't make the pixel art, he actually took them in without permission and made a big 8-bit graphic 3D object.

So when you play Minecraft, ask your self. Why am I even playing a game made by a person who was so secret?


Nah, none of this stuff isn't true. I know you wouldn't believe this.

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