The Red Dove

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Ever since I heard of NES I always loved Mario. If your asking how big of a fan am I? Well does I love it to hell explain it? Well I don't think I do anymore... After what I experienced... It was a late night and like always., I was playing Mario games. Oh! So obvious! Well anyways, not trying to yap on and on about awful stuff. I was playing THE Original Mario Bros. Nah I'm just tricking you, I was playing Super Mario WORLD. Not the Original one... So when I was about to start my game my MOM came in and told me in a slightly angry voice. "You should stop playing that, you already won it 5 times!". Well I couldn't blame her, I play it a lot. Almost to the brink of starvation. So I picked to sell it to my neighbors. And my Friend/Kid of my neighbors bro-fisted me, I felt a little happy... but then INSTANTLY ran to my computer to get an SNES Emulator & a ROM of Super Mario Bros... WORLD. And one thing I noticed is that. it was on E-bay no less! Now from what I learned in Creepypastas, ANY game on E-bay is probably going to end up bad, but being the idiot I am I ignored that fact. And bought it for $1.00. THEN I almost knew that my bladder is going to empty itself on the fan forever. But like I said, I was too stupid to notice and bid for $149.99. And I know, I used my parents credit card to pay. But it was just sheer luck they didn't notice. Or just that they don't really care about their money. Anyway like almost EVERYONE who plays Mario Bros. knows that ANY sign of not that much Nostilaga means it's a ROM Hack... But I was too excited to even care. So I started up the game. But the intro didn't happen, the game just started. shrugging it off as6 just a bug I played. It all was normal, until the first boss. At first I thought this was just a glitch, but it WASN'T. I was chased by RED. DOVE-LIKE. BLEEDING ALMOST REALISTIC BLOOD. BOOS. At first, You might have thought I pissed myself, then paused and washed my face, and then kept playing. NO. I just RAN. I ran away from them as fast as I could, and escaped almost DYING, because I couldn't get any mushrooms, which I got used to not using in the game soon. But now I wanted 2 of them. I thought my sanity for this game had died, so I threw the cartridge away. But then I felt like something bad was going to happen. Like I was in danger... So I went to bed, but those Red Dove Boo's kept me from sleeping, so I turned my nightlight on. But then I detected something zip past the light. I almost turned around before a GIANT RED WING hit my foot. I knew I was gone for, but then it just left, I think I was able to take a picture before it left, but when I woke up it was torn to shreds. Damn, should have hid it better. That's all I could remember before I went to College. Huh? Wait a minute, my cell phones ringing............ yt6bkhjbhjhjbjhbhjbjhbhjbjhbhujjhbhubujhbhbhbjhbjhbbhj... DON'T TELL ANYONE I LIVE. OR SUFFER THE SAME FATE AS HIM

Credited to MrCreepyPastaJrJr

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