The Scariest Animation In The World

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I just got a strange tape from my friend. When I watched it, it was horrible. I don't want to go into detail about it. So here's what happens:

First of all, I'm going to say I think this video is some sort of testing video for multiple secret weapon of some kind, doctored to appear as animation. Anyway, it starts out there's an octopus-like mutant super soldier sitting along in a desert of some kind, and it shoots what appears to be a bomb near a structure of some kind which was either built to test the destructive properties of the bomb, or as an entirely new super weapon. Another different looking super soldier appears from the new structure,  and this one is much more scarier looking. It is riddled with holes and has some sort of metal pack grafted onto it's flesh. Extending from the pack is some kind of sonic weapon of some sort. When the second mutant turns it on the first mutant attempts to plug it's ears. The sonic weapon appears to function as some sort of bomb disposal unit as well, since the second mutant tries and fails to shoot the bomb back. When this fails the second mutant shoots a wall up of the sand-like substance making up the odd desert. This wall lands on the first mutant and appears to entomb it somehow while it looks on in horror, undoubtedly in extreme pain. Then the second mutant begins to torture the first mutant by blowing the sand-like substance into it's eyes. The video suddenly cuts to the second mutant noticing a pile of the sand-like substance nearby with the octopus-like mutant absent. And did I mention that throughout the whole video there's this tune playing that sounds like the Grim Reaper taking a shit?

Anyway, after that point, I couldn't bear to watch the video anymore. I went into the bathroom and puked my guts out. And what's the name of this "Animation", you ask? It's the first episode of SpongeBob.

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