The Scariest Story That Was or Was Not Told

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I saw a hyper realistic eye, and a skeleton popped out, and the phone rang, and I said Hello and slender man said "Who was Phone?", and I replied "Justin Bieber", and he just stared, as I looked in a mirror and I was Richard Pryor, and then I heard a voice that said "Do It", and I said "Do What?", and there was an unrealistic silence, and as I was leaving, Barney walked in and told me about death and I almost died but I ran and grabbed an AK-47 and shot him in the big purple hyper realistic tooth. I then saw Spongebob blink as a picture of a live action Chuckie screamed, and then the dead Bart told me about the Heron, and it was my mission to find Mr. Heron and get him to make a mess of Barney's pots and pans. I then flew on my seizure inducing pokemon to the only dirt road, and I met Heron, I told it "Then it will be to late" and it said "Heron is Tree". I was like bodacious so I said "Have you ever watched Candle Cove" and he said "I am Candle Cove". We then won the game against the Icarly clan and then Carly and Sam were killed by a hole, Spencer cried, and Freddy bought a cat. A SCARY CAT.


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