The Scary Man

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Once upon a time there was this scary man yah, and he was very scary. And he was scary, and one day the very scary man said. "I'm guna scare some little kids!" So the scary man walked to these little kid's houses, and rung the doorbell, a little kid anserd and said, "Hi hoo are you?" And the very scary man who was very scary said, "I'm a scary man and I am guna scare you!" The kid said. "No you can't cuz I wont let you in!" and the little kid closed the door but the scary man wouldnt give up! and it was night and walked back to kids house. Scary man brought ladder this time, so he climbed up to the kids' window, and opened it up, then he saw the kids in bed and said. "Boo! I am gonna scare you!" and the Billy woke up and said, "Oh Yeah? Well taste my older brother's butt!" and he waked up his 20 year old brother who fired his dedly diareeuh at the scary man and the scary man melted because the poo was asid!. The next day at school, the kids were at school, and they were at school, and in class guess what? They had a sub and it was a sub, and guess what else? THE SUBSTITUTE TEACHER WAS THE SCARY MAN!!! HE HAD COME BACK FROM THE DED!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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