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Once there was a really scary movie of Jeff the Killer. It was called Jeff the Thriller, and the lead actor was BEN the Stiller. The movie started with Samara Morgan from The Ring playing TF2 and the team needed a spy so she said she would spy in 7 days. But that wasn't soon enough so she got banned by Saxton Hale. She was mad so she cursed the game, cursing everyone who played it to spy in 7 days. A week later everyone got banned because they were really crappy spies. The scariest part of the movie was when they all went and wrote TF2 pastas about what happened. At the end of the movie Jeff the Killer married Jane the Killer—played by MrBigDog—and they had a baby who was Joe the Schmo, who was scarier than either of them.

I still don't know what happened in that theatre to this day, but when I left when the movie ended, I was pregnant.

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