The Shadow Of Emptiness

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My name is Tom. When i was a young adult, i lived in the middle of the city. It was very loud, but my parents wouldn't mind. They said i would get used to it. Heh, they were really wrong about that. I still haven't gotten used to that much sound. I now live in the middle of the woods. Well, on with the story then. I had a little closet with all of my secret items. All from knives to comic books. I subscribed to a comic back then, called "Horror stories to read in the dark". It was always my favourite. My mom didn't want me to read it, and threw them away as soon as i got them. Luckily she didn't know how to stop subcribing to them. So all i had to do was pick them up on my way to the gym, and read it in the evening. One day though, it said" Compete in a simple quiz to win $5000". That was just what my family needed. I went to my mom to tell her the good news (Not knowing if she was going to be happy or mad), but she was not home. I guessed she was at the supermarket to buy our food for the week, and waited. After one hour, she was still not home. I wnt to the supermarket and hopes i would find her. The cashier (My aunt) hadn't seen her there, so i was very worried. I went to my mother's friend's house andasked, wondering if she was alright. She wasn't there. I went to the local hospital and asked if Ms. Johansson was there. She was, they said. They asked if they were a member of her family, and i told them i was her son. Although, when i got to see her, she was completely messed up! Her usually blonde hair was blood red and torn off, lying on the pillow. The arms and legs were completely torn off. And, worst of all, her face was mangled! I cried when i saw her, aking if she was alive. The doctors said that she will die if she doesn't try as hard a she can. I cried even more, thinking that she probably would die, since she has been having trouble with her liver lately. I went to see if she remembered me. Luckily she did. I was relieved a few days later, when the doctors said she would be fine. I was not fully happy though. I was not going to let the thing that did this get away, so i went to my girlfriend, magdalene'shouse and asked if she has been hearing anything new lately. She nodded, but she also said that she would keep an ear out for any info about that specific type of murder. Two days later she died. And then i died. And then the rest of the universe exploded. The end

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