The Skeleton That Won't Stop Popping Out

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One night, I was driving home after drinking with the boys at a bar, you know. Tequila, scotch, and all that fun stuff that will fuck your mind up bad. But as I enjoying good ol'-fashioned radio music, a skeleton popped out behind me. I jumped high which almost made me hit the ceiling. As soon as I stop the car, I get the skeleton out of my car and continue heading home.

But that doesn't end there. When I got home, I opened the door and then a skeleton popped out again. I was getting a bit annoyed at this point, so I just shoved that pile of useless bones out of the way and enter the house.

"God, what's with all these fucking skeletons popping out of nowhere?" I ask myself. I decide to pay no mind to it and just take a shower to clear my head of all of this.

Once I enter the bathroom and pull the curtain, you guessed it, A FUCKING SKELETON POPPED OUT AGAIN! I got so mad that I just shut the curtain and exit.

But once I exit the bathroom, a skeleton popped out once again and I was just pissed beyond comprehension anymore that I just threw a lamp at it and stormed off to my room.

But when I got there, like everything else, a skeleton was on my bed making a completely stupid pose as if it was fucking Deadpool or some shit. But I just gave up at this point and laid down on it, clearly exhausted about everything.

But then the skeleton suddenly moved and placed a hand on my shoulder and spoke:

"How ya doing?" the skeleton said to me.

"WHAT THE FU-?!?" I yelled out in complete confusion before I suddenly passed out.

So yeah, I woke up and it was all a dream. Yeah, what a cliched ending. Bye-bye.

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