The Sonac.eke Adventure

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It was just like any other day....i decided to buy a sonic the hedgehog game cartridge.....i bought it from a drug dealer who gave me snow during the summer...after buying the game i decided to play it on my sega machine thingy.....little did i know that it was going to be horrible....i invited my friend cookie to play the game with me, after all, im pretty sure she is a big fan of the sonic series....after i invited her we started playing normally..until after i beat greenhill zone it teleported me to a world first i was just playing normally but cookie, being a sonic fan, recognized there was not a world map in sonic the hedgehog....i got suspicious...but i kept playing. After beating the entirety of greenhills i got teleported to the world map, but every texture of the game was replaced by sonac.eke!!

i was so scared cause even when i was inside game it was sonac.eke....i was so scared that i pooped my first nobody noticed but then the smell became a problem....after that i cleaned myself up and cookie then decided to leave...she said "this sucks. Sonac.eke sucks. Im out." apparently sonac.eke heard that, because sonac.eke came into our home and threw cookie into the television, then said "BLAST OFF" and jumped through the ceiling...after that sonac.eke was chasing me inside the game, but i was controlling cookie. If i didn't play good, then my friend would be dead. Eventually i got to eggman but his body was MANGLED!!!!

I was so scared. But then freddy fazbear came over and helped me fight sonac.eke...he was going har har har har har har har har har har and sonac.eke was defenseless..unfortunately tails.eke came and beat up freddy fazbear! After that i had to use cookie to defeat tails....after i killed tails in a super hard boss fight, and almost killed cookie cause of how hard it was, i had to fight sonac.eke, who was even harder to beat. He was so much harder to beat that cookie thought she was going to die. I beat him though, and he got so mad that he unleashed his half-demon half-angel form! He teleported behind cookie and said "any last words?" after that i had to fight a boss fight even HARDER than sonac.eke!! After i beat him cookie came back into the room and sonac.eke broke into my house and ate all my pizza and then ate my dog the end

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