The Spaghetti Hypothesis

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You're on a train, heading for a place that is a metaphor for something that ostensibly has some kind of profound meaning, but you can't remember what it is so you look out the window. You stare beyond the new-fallen snow that covers the sullen landscape into the twisted visage of your inner self reflected in the broken mirror located in the darkest depths of the bottomless black abyss of your soul. You find this very strange, so you turn around and see a man standing behind you in the center of the aisle. 

He is dressed in white attire; his skin is an unnaturally pale, almost ghostly white. Even his hair is as white as the new-fallen snow. The only thing about him that isn't white is his eyes, which are pitch black.

Suddenly you find yourself sitting in front of an old television set the screen flickers on and there is static the man appears and you realize the man is the static so you punch the screen but then you realize you are the man and also the static so you punch yourself but you can't because you're static but you do and you die and the man haunts you as a ghost forever but you are the man so you haunt yourself HE LIVES INSIDE YOU INSIDE YOURSELF THERE IS BUT ONE FLEE IN TERROR FOR THE TERRIBLE BEAST WHO HASETH THE HEAD OF A HAND OF THE INFINITE VOID THAT IS THE END OF THE BEGINNING OF YOUR VERY EXISTENCE COMES TO BASK IN CELESTIAL BODIES OF PAIN AND SUFFERING FOR YOU CANNOT COMPREHEND ITS TRUE FORM THAT LIVES INSIDE YOUR TUMOROUS BRAIN BRING FORTH THE COW IT SPEAKS THE COW HAS SPOKEN FOR THEY ARE NOT DEAD THEY ARE NOT LIVING THEY CANNOT BE STOPPED RESISTANCE IS FUTILE IT IS YOU THE COW YOU ARE THE COW THE COW IS ONE ONE IS EVERYTHING BUT NOTHING IS ONE YOU ARE BUT ONE FOR ALL FOR NOTHING IS ALL PRAISE THE COW

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