The Story of Crona the Killer

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Everyones heard of Jeff the killer and Jane the killer right? Well this is the story of Crona the killer. Crona was a young Adult when he found Abby, they were very happy day Abby was gone...and in her place...was Jeff the killer. Crona didnr mind it but he was surprised. "Your Jeff the killer!" He said "Yes i am indeed" Jeff said back "Im a big fan!" Crona explained "Eh? Well i have to go" Abby was back. A few days later Jeff came back...the two talked about killing and Crona decided to call himself Crona the killer. One foggy night when Crona was visiting Abby and there was a powerout...he had has knife and thought...thought she was someone else and brutaly murdered her...Once he knew it was her he wept untill he couldnt breath amd died. This is the story Of Crona the killer.

Credited to Cronathekiller

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