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It's been awhile since I played the monstrosity know as "Lost Sonic". So I have took a break from playing Sonic Games and playing the Super Smash Bros. games. Yes, I have all 3 of them. But since I did everything like beat the Story Mode, unlock all the characters, and other things, the games aren't that fun anymore. I pretty much stopped playing SSB (Super Smash Bros.) and SSBM (Super Smash Bros. Melee). I'm replaying the Subspace Emissary Story on SSBB (Super Smash Bros. Brawl), but I do get bored of it some times.

I was at the Flea Market. You can find lots of crap there at a low price, it's almost like a Wal - Mart. When I suddenly found a Nintendo 64 cartridge. It was red with "SSB4" wrote on it with sharpie. It also had two insert outlets, like if had to have another game connected to it. I knew that it was a bootleg. But I was so desperate to play another SSB game, that I grabbed the cartridge and paid the cashier the dollar that it costs (I told you that stuff there was cheap)

So I went home and put my game In the N64 (Nintendo 64) and started the console up. However, it wouldn't play load the game. It just stayed on the N64 screen. I was really mad that I wasted my money on something that didn't work. But I than I noticed the cartridge shape again. It looked like It needed another cartridge on it. So I got my Super Mario 64 and put it on the top.

Booya! I got the game to work. But now, I wished I haven't.

The N64 loaded up the game. However, it was actually a bootleg version of SSB. I really didn't mind it even though I was looking for a DIFFERENT game. It had the normal SSB intro, It looked innocent enough. But when the title came up, oh boy. The background was black with what look like blood coming from the top. The letters in "Super Smash Bros" where backwards. The voice that said the title was there, but glitched out. Even thogh I would have to suffer for it, I pressed start.

Instead of the Menu coming up, it went to 1P Game Mode. At the character select, the only character was Mario. I picked Mario and started up the game. It started with Link, who's skin was completely pale. The Hyule Castle stage look very different. The background was completely black and the castle itself looked blood red. The music was still glitched like in the title. So the battle started, and It was like the real version. Except every time you hit Link, blood came out. Accept launching Link into the sky, he hit the ground and made some screaming sound. And so, the battle ended.

I continued through the rest of the game. It was like the same as the first one. Characters were pale, the background was black and the stage was red, same death animation, nothing different from the first. But there where no "Break the Target" stages, no "Metal Mario" or "Fighting Polygon Team", just normal battles. But crap REALLY went downhill at the Master Hand battle.

It started out on the black background and, well, you get the point by now. But Master Hand looked GRUESOME. He had blood on him , flesh hanging from his fingers, holes showing gore and bones in his hand. He also had blood dropping from him. My character looked different, too. He was pale (Like the others) and had blood on him. So the battle went on. I couldn't beat Master Hand. It was literally impossible to. His health just wouldn't go down. But he could still heart me. And he was wrecking me. I was helpless untill it happened. Master Hand grabbed me and slammed me on the ground. I made the death animation that all the other fighters did. But instead of me losing a life, the screen faded black. Than in said in bloody letters: "R.I.P U".

I immeaditly got the game out of there. That was just as bad as "LOST SONIC". I decided to play some Super Mario 64. I shouldn't have put it on the top. The game leaked inside Super Mario 64 and made it play the bootleg. I took that game out too. And in fear, I put one more game in.

Thank God. It played that normal game.

I first thought about buying a new Super Mario 64 game. But I thought I should take a break from video games.

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