The Sussy DEATH Game

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I was sleeping then I woke up and choose to play my favourite console of all time, the PlayStation Entertainment System. When I opened the console though, I was absolutely terrified. I wanted to play Suppa Spaghettio 67 but instead I got another thing...

There was a large, massive, HYPER-REALISTIC, realistic, not pixelated, bloody, scary spooky ad with a knife and blood, and a sussy (baka) imposter. He watched me and told me I was going to die and I was frickin' spooked, so I started pissing my (attractive) pants. The imposter then proceeded to grab me from the TV and then I blacked out. what I saw next was terrifying, I was inside the spaceship, and I saw the imposters and the crewmates. I was inside Among Us. I pissed and shitted my pants to the brim, and then I started doing tasks. I took a nap, and then when I woke up again I was in my room, filled with imposters! I could hear the imposters runnin' and they were coming right at me! I was scared so then I started pissing my damn pants again. I ran away but they reached me and said "time to die ya sussy baka!"

Now that I'm writing this, these are my last moments before fully becoming the sussy baka imposter slave. If you are read this, DON'T PLAY THE SUSSY IMPOSTER CARTDRIGE AT 3 AM WHILE USING A OUIJA BOARD, or you will end up like me!

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