The Ultimate Flame: Version 2.0

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Ladies and gentleman, the second best comeback of the internet.

You know what? Fuck. You. You rotten, lousy, scum sucking dick munching prick of society. You assbeating, horse raping, snot nosed, bratty, one eyed, overstuffed, wedlock inbred, vegetarian, cock penetrating, stupid ass, stiff legged, spotty lipped, over pornographic mind tumor cock you are!

I have had it with your motherfucking bullshit on this motherfucking planet. Well let me tell you something, you rotten no good twoforbrains! The truth is, you were always a fucking asshole who loved to make other people's lives miserable. You've wanted to fuck every woman you see behind your girlfriend's fucking back. There is no place for traitors in this world, you shitlicking cock monkey. Also, this aftertaste in my mouth reminds me of pumpkin pie, which I hate, so I'll associate you with it, you fucking no good dickshit.

You always talk about all the fucking hot steamy sex you had. You expect everyone and anyone to believe that, you fucking dicklicker? Well let me tell you something, snotbrain. You ass wiping dick raping sexist overstuffed pasta machine fucking dickscum! You penis snotting assbrain! Let me tell you this, assfuck. Even Tiberius, the most gullible kid in the entire fucking Bronx as far as I'm concerned, knows for a fact you're lying. You are a fifteen year old, lying, no good, rotten, cheating shitface who loves to cum to other people's misery and look down on the younger kids, like me. And if you really DO have a girlfriend (cough cough), I hope she dumps you as soon as she can, because if I were a woman I wouldn't want to be associated in any way with a cheap lying no good rotten vowel-fleshing dirt eating snake licking inbred overstuffed meatshanking bone busting feta-reeking cuntbag like you.

You talk about being "respectful" and that you want to shine this god given light He's gifted you with, all the while you talk constantly and I mean CONSTANTLY about how horny you are for your imaginary girlfriend, you assbone. Wanting to fuck and fuck and fuck and fuck constantly may sound tempting, but your buttbusting no good lousy horny shmuck busting gauntlet of lies makes it sound really the opposite of respect, you assmunching dirt licking penis munching cock fucking asswiping nymphomaniac buttbuddy-with-Hitler ass shit fuckfaced penis reaping cow humping dog shitting dirt spitting snake masturbating ugly unorthodox politically incorrect maniacal egotistical assfucking burp wiping lollipop eating snake shitting inbreeding overconfident shitsniffing ASSHOLE!

In closure; fuck you. I've had it with your bull-fucking-shit. Go cry me a fucking river for all that I care, you lying sack of neutralized fresh cow shit straight from the anus of Clarabelle fucking cow. Go hump your great great great great grandma's corpse, you assbeating dick riding cocaine sniffing cockmonkey assaholic cum drunk semen shitting ball pissing shit pooping ass fucking rapist goddamn disrespectful sexist son of a thy kingdom come CUNT.

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