The Vengeful Kitty (Story)

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"Another Serial Killer Loose On The Streets" After the recent murder of twenty-six year old Harry Wells, police have advised all civilians in the area to lockdown their homes at night. For those who live in homes by themselves, we reccommend staying at a friend's house or inviting someone over. Harry Wells was brutally murdered on the Sunday, December 1, 2013 at 3:00 am EST. When authorities arrived at the premises where the murder took place, they found his body sprawled in front of the stairs in the living room with what seemed to be deep claw marks engraved on several places on his torso and face. His eyes were pulled out from their sockets and his heart was savagely ripped right out of his chest. Police found the victim's wife hiding in the kitchen's lower storage cabinets. The victim's wife, Sarah Wells, has been courteous enough to elaborate on exactly what she witnessed that night: "My husband and I were vacationing in a cabin in that he had bought several years ago. It was secluded by acres and acres of woods with only a lonely dirt road to keep it company. I told him it wasn't a good idea to spend our vacation there but he insisted upon it. My husband had been acting quite dodgy around me, making me feel as though he was hiding something from me. "One night I caught him talking on the phone with whom sounded like a female. Ever since he's always been talking less and less with me. Not being able to maintain direct eye contact with me. "The night my husband was , put down, I was in bed fast asleep. I was awoken at 3:03 am by a blood-curdling screech. I was afraid and was sure of what to do. The only phone we had was downstairs and I was on the second story. The only stairs I could access led to the living room where I assumed the screams were coming from. "I slowly crept out of my room and peered downstairs. My husband's body was throw onto the floor. It seemed as though his eyes had been ripped right out of their sockets and he had deep claw marks all over his face and chest. A girl with curly brown hair whos seemed to be nineteen was standing at his feet. She had on a reddish-brown knit crop sweater with black ripped skinny jeans. Tall crimson combat boots sheltered her feet and a dagger necklace hung from her neck. She had on gloves that seemed to have long metallic claws coming out from the ends. On her face I could see a hair-raising grin stretching from ear-to-ear and her eyes... Her eyes were faintly glowing a yellowish-green hue with black slits vertically placed in the middle, perfectly resembling those of a cat's. She bent down and dug her claws into his chest. "A heart for a HEART" she seethed through gritted teeth and tore out his heart, filling my ears with a sickening sound. A gasp escaped my lips and her head snapped up. She ran faster than any human being out of the room. That's when I called the police for help. They were generous and payed a hotel for me to spend the night in. While I was in bed i kept tossing in turning, I wasn't able to fall asleep. I felt another presence in the room but I decided to ignore it. Then I heard someone scratching on the wall and I shot upright in my bed. The same monster that killed my husband was sitting in a chair at the foor of my bed. "The deed is done" she simply uttered and jumped out the window" the woman gave us our eye report on what exactly happened.

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