The World Must Never Know

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It was a beautiful Sunday morning, the sun shining brightly, an almost perfect day. An owl sat atop a tree branch, gazing upon the wonderful day. Just then, a little kid, no older than eleven, walked up to the tree. In his hand he held a lollipop. He called to the owl, so the owl flew down beside the boy. He then whispered something in the owl's ear, and handed it the lollipop.

The owl began to eat the lollipop, and just as it was finishing the boy picked up a blunt object--a baseball bat--previously abandoned by the tree by someone. He then proceeded to bludgeon the owl to near death. As he stood over the owl, he said one simple thing...

"How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop..?"

He stomped the owl's head in, killing it.

"The world must never know..."

by - OfficialUboa

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