The best horror movie ever made

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Outside a house that wears a hockey mask, an old man cuts the grass by stabbing it with an axe.

Just then, 4 teens arrived in a car that runs on sex, which they then exit.

It was Spring Break, time for teens to guzzle fluids and die off.

“Old man, you do not belong. We rent this house for week of young times.” said the first teenager.

“I am caretaker. I care. Do not stay in house. Kitchen is a monster. Witch is basement. Beds are ghosts. Sink hates priests. TV is a book.” replied the old man.

“Get buried, you are a waste of age!” shouted the second teenager.

The second teenager was the state jerk. His college major was Vodka Law.

“Maybe we leave? This place gives me the crepes.” said the third teenager.

“Stop acting chicken. Your virginity is making you a bird, as usual.” said the fourth teenager.

All of a sudden, the house door swung open. A little girl stepped out orphanly.

“Your sobriety is not appreciated!” yelled the second teenager.

The second teenager then threw a can of gin at the little girl, who then turned into Texas chainsaw, but was still orphan.

“Die, y’all! Houston Dallas!” shouted Texas chainsaw.

The third and fourth teenagers then screamed in horror as Texas chainsaw completely sawed the second teenager’s body in half. His blood said hi to all.

“No! Teen 2 needs a body to drink!” screamed the first teenager.

The third teenager then called 911, but a Frankenstein answered and was upset.

“Run into the car! Go! I end this!” shouted the old man.

The first and third teenager ran into the house while the fourth teenager ran into the chainsaw and he’s killed instantly.

“That is not the car!” shouted the old man.


Written by MrAnonymous
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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