The big trip

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One day I was on my way home when Patrixxx grabed me and stuffed me in his pocket. I didn't have any idea what was going to happen after that. Heck, I didn't even know who this Patrixxx was.

Two hours later he took me out of his pocket and sat me down on a chair. I wanted to know where I was so I asked him (Well I think its a boy.) where I was. Here's the conversation.

ME: Hey where the *Bleep* am ?

PATRIXXX: u r in mai house.

ME: Why am I here, in your house.

PATRIXXX because i need 2 do something 4 u.

Patrixxx zapped me with some kind of lazzer. After he zapped me, I started to feel weird.

ME: Hey y do mai voice sound weird?

PATRIXXX: its working :D

ME: wat is working? i don't have a job.

PATRIXXX: not yet. . . spongebob. >:3

ME: wat?

I look at my self. My hands are yellow with holes in them. I feel my face to see that it's spongy.

ME: nuuu. . .

PATRIXXX: Wake up!

I wake up to see my mom pushing on my side.

MOM: We're here,

ME: What? You're not Patrixxx?

MOM: What do you mean? I woke you up because we're home from our big trip. Remember? We went to Walmart.

I'll never forget about that dream. . . Well. . . Okay I'll forget about it.

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