The end

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December 20th. 2012

Long ago the Mayans had this phenomenal calendar. everything that was predicted on it was true.The behind the predictions how could they be so accurate?

Feeling of despair clouds the final days, the unwary and confidenti they heard this rumor they think to themselves. What's coming, as a stand towards darkness and despair arise. Spite of this people go on with their daily lives not knowing what lurking which is coming fast...

Certain distress could cause some person to go insane. Mind is unstable place.

I'm barely seen alive I'm stuck no way out the enclosed in the unmanner way of.theories, Gossip and just believing in them you know it's more expecting pretty funny. Old man, have you met with a terrible fate and.your turn to see how it's like. Just a few things like these you will see how certain things like this come to play. pretty interesting which I have said many times person I am referring to that usually reacts like this is known...I'm pretty sure you know who it is.

the gamer's a commthat's right on thing we enjoy the concept. Each to visualize different types trying to find neutral way to hit every gamer or may be some things that don't belong this world.

slowly go into a climb thinking not seen and not heard. just how the world echoes something here but not at all. how can she say that's all right. or how could he say same thing.twisted ideas the pinions  and events  will take place in the physical plane. but  what we do in the physical plane's up to us.

some people enjoy going one two  skip a few  3 4 have some more  56  enjoy your   7 8  it's too late  9 10  have some fun   11 12 slip some and maybe do it to its fullest extent.

mom , dad  I'm happy see you again.

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