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I am horrified! There were a knock at my door. I checked the one was let you know I'm a creepypasta fan.I love smile dog,slender man,squidwards suicid,Jeff the killer,and username:666.but this is no creepypasta this is...ghosts! But I didn't know it was ghosts intill now.

December 18th 2013

I went online.I research what it said..."paranormal activity,one foggy night,evil spirits comes to some ones house,to hunt them.

I was shocked! :o then my computer will die!

I heard something down stairs. I went to investigate. My kitchen was full of blood. There were 4 words on the wall. It will die cole.

Then something whispers in my ear. It said. Go to sleep. Jeff the killer? I asked. NO It the ghost spirit of jeff the killer daughter! Holey carp! I yelled

How should I know it was Jeff's daughter?

That's the last time I saw and heard a ghost. Im luckey to survive the ghost attacked

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