The last pumkin

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I'm about to express something terrifying to me. Did you ever hear about the game called "pumkin world"?. It's about this badly drawn pumkin who you have to give food to. Well... I decided to play that game... When I first launched the website up.. I realized that pumkin had 666 carved into his face... I thought this was just a simple glitch... But when he came into the store asking me for things to eat. He said "Give me the satan" I vomited... Why would he say this? I vomited too much I felt sick... But I knew I had to go foward... Instead of giving him satan I gave him a carrot.. He said "NO, I don't want that!" and then he pulled out a machine gun and started shooting me.. The screen went red and then he walked up to me and said I am keter as he left the shop. I then vomited more all over my laptop. But then notepad opened up and said "you're next" I was so scared and then cleverbot opened up.. I typed "hello" and he typed back saying he was pumkin. I said why are you doing this? and he replied with "I'm very hungry" Cleverbot then closed and I killed my self with car. If you are reading this please don't play this game.. Please I beg you.

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