The pasta is the scary

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One day I am walking down road, when the man comes, and he tells that I am won the prize, so I am in his van, when he is grab me and I am smashes head agaisnt his floor. I am really scared so I am scream, but he is pushing me over, and kicks. He then has this knife and he says.

"You are hell punk" Then he is stabbing, and my blood falls down on the floor. All my orgasms fall on the floor and I am painful. The cop comes to the door, and I am asking what's happening. I am shout that the man is bad, but the man is shoot and my face is stabbed. He is turns back to me, and his is face turns into a realistic demonface and he is says

"I am God" I am screams and he stabs me and I fall over and fall into the lake, where he is face in the water and I scream, but then I am dead.

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