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I've always been a fan of video game's ever since I was born. My mom said that even when I was a fetus I probably played a gameboy in there! I recently found a copy of my favorite Sonic game in the franchise, Sonic 06! I found it in my grandpa's attic which was strangely filled with strange chairs and whips for some reason, I don't have a clue how he knew Sonic 06 was my favorite game ever!!! As soon as I popped in the disc and started three ads played. I saw an ad for a new Jem series I screamed "Oh my god I love Jem!!!" But something was weird her eye's were blood red There also was an ad for Hey You Pikachu 2 the final ad was a The brave little toaster remake. At the end of these ads it said all of these character's are in the game I said to myself "Must be modded this is gonna be fun!" I was in the it didn't even show any menus! It was sonic tied to a chair with Jem, The brave little toaster and pikachu cornering sonic they all had knives! and were whispering "Red rum red rum red rum" and I thought to myself "My grandpa must have modded this what a weird guy!" And then I heard a knock on my door (I live in a super mansion because my parents are so rich they let me live by myself) And it was a basket! Not any basket but a wicker basket and it had my favorite films in it! The Wicker Man Epic Movie and Norbit it also had plushes of Pikachu Jem and The brave little toaster On my lawn I saw a dead blue painted hedghog so I took out sonic 06 and started to watch Norbit because lol that sonic 06 sucked and then I heard a rustling in my house I said to myself "Must be my maid" And then from out behind me I felt 3 hands touch me. I jerked back and saw them all moving with giant knives and whispering "red rum red rum red rum" And then they all cornered me and I was in the game! I got out because I'm super kickass and I am a triple black belt in Karate and then we all hugged and had cookie's because we're all best friends now because they said "Wow you're such a badass we love you you're our new king" and then they made me snickerdoodle cookie's which are my favorite.

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