The strory of poor Jackson

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There once was a young man named Jackson, Jackson was an average 17-year-old in the 1960s average height, face, build you name it. But Jackson had that one unique trait about him, and that trait is that he was hated by absolutely everyone and by everyone i mean every one even his own. Jackson would not walk the streets of New Bourdon without being racially abused, spat on and even harassed, even when Jackson went home, he would be verbally and mentally abused by his own family. Every single person that Jackson knew, loved and even cared for would despise him and treat him unfairly. In general Jackson was hated everywhere he stepped foot on. Even the neighbor’s dogs would go rogue at the sight of poor Jackson, children would scurry to their guardians for refuge at the sight of Jackson, Jackson even wondered day and night why he was despised by so many people. Poor Jackson would even pray to whatever god was there but all he got was more hate and disgust from his fellow peers and people that knew of him, every day he would wonder what he did for this curse to befall him, for him to be born in such a retched and vile world like this, poor Jackson would cry oceans upon oceans of tears to the point where he almost cried blood and would pass out from exhaustion. poor Jackson lived such a miserable and horrendous life that even his own never batted an eye at the time he was so troubled and weak, poor Jackson would also be a victim of brutality and cruelty among the people who so called themselves "law keepers" but little did poor Jackson know that he was indeed very special, little did he know that he was way bigger than he could've imagined. Poor Jackson was a very special young man.

You see poor Jackson had had enough of his hellish experience on earth, that poor Jackson had taken his own life. now fast forward to poor Jackson's burial everyone was rejoicing upon his sudden demise even his own and by his own I mean his family every single person he thought would deeply care and cherish him despite being hated by all peoples, those people that he thought of had jubilated upon his self-demise, but little did they know that poor Jackson was indeed very special, little did they know what poor Jackson was and had in store for them after his demise, little did they know that poor Jackson had pulled up a massive grin under the murky waters of swampy Louisiana, little did they know that poor Jackson was a very special young man, little did they know that poor Jackson was not of this earth like they thought they knew of him, little did they know that poor Jackson was not one of them in which they thought they knew, they knew so little of poor Jackson that they never even knew what they were dealing with, they thought poor Jackson was something that could be messed with, a punching bag a ridicule among the peoples that they could only spit on and gag upon his sight, they really thought that poor Jackson was a Human being. But let me tell you this poor Jackson was not their kind, poor Jackson was their real maker and their nightmare, poor Jackson had an unimaginable punishment instore for them, poor Jackson was indeed not so miserable and poor after all.

“This story of poor Jackson was regarded as an urban legend by some of the people of New Bourdon in Louisiana, whoever most of the citizens of New Bourdon claim to say that miserable Jackson is indeed a real vengeful entity and that they feel watched whenever they go to sleep or when they are alone. There have also been claims of intense paranormal and supernatural activity like the locals of nearby swamps claiming to have seen a glowing figure gliding across the waters whilst laughing loudly, and that they see strange balls of light descending from the sky in broad daylight. However, these claims have not yet been proven by skeptics. But many locals of New Bourdon persist that these claims are real and that they are not to be regarded as fiction.”

Credited to The brine

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