The tale of the rejected doctor

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Once upon at time, there was a ugly boy. People made fun of his name, which was matt smith. Later, when ha was about 30 years old, he stared in a TV series called doctor who. He was so ugly someone else had to take his role. He was mad so he killed all the cast and to-be cast. Then he wanted more. so he killed a little boy, no more that two, and get this-he liked it. So if you are a fan of doctor who, and haven't heard the latest news, your going to die. Well, be murdered. So beware, if you ever see a ugly man in the blood-stained doctor who costume, tell him negative things about the cast other that him, and say good things about him when he had the role. Then he might let you live. But on one condition-you be his sidekick and help him murder innocent doctor who fans. Otherwise, you'll be dead by morning. Or in a few seconds. It all depends on how he will decide to kill you.

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