The time I smoked 2 marijuanas

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One day my friend sean invited me over his house. Sean was a know injector of marijuana he injected a marijuana everyday. me i occasionally injected a marijuana. today we where gonna get super puffed out wiggidy wack. We had just snorted our marijuanas and it was great. But sean was a frisky one he liked to applie it directly to his forehead it was crazy shiz man crazy shiz. me i did the normal puff with my ear.we saw crazy shit that day a fairy to be exact it told me to go to some tree but i said FUCK YOU. sean was gonna do 2 marijuanas i could not belieave it. he injected it up his but all of a sudden i could smell his homosexuality. He was trying to get frisky with meh. i said no then all of the sudden he turned gay and died. I ran around screaming help help sean smoked 2 marijuanas turned gay and died i blacked out. i woke up in a green outfit and cap to a weird fairy telling me to go to a tree. i now spend my days saving a princess multiple times in many diffrent pixels. for my name is. LINK.

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