The ultimate Patrixxx battle

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I clenched my fist, feeling the warm nervous sweat between my quivering fingers as I faced him. Patrixxx. My heart was racing, every muscle in my body clenched as Patrixxx's pink mouth curled into a smile.

He darted forward, dashing with the agility of a much thinner starfish. I braced as he planted a powerful punch in my stomach. I stumbled backwards, panting as he aimed another blow at my head.

I ducked as his powerful pink fist embedded itself in the concrete where my head was. I leapt up, throwing a punch towards the side of his face. Contact. Patrixxx's head snapped back. I took the opportunity to attack once more, I roundhouse kicked towards his fleshy side. CRUNCH! Patrixxx had a broken rib.

Patrixxx looked up at me before thrusting his hand into his rolls of fat. He withdrew a small handgun.

"Hey, no fair!" I protested. Patrixxx fired twice, scarcely missing my chest, I reached forwards, slapping the gun out of his hand. It skittered away on the concrete.

Patrixxx bent over, reaching towards the firearm. I leapt on to his back, wrapping my arms around his two-chinned neck.

He attemted to fling me of, but I tightened my grip, cutting of his air supply. His face turned from a pale pink colour to a bright blue, before he went limp.

I had killed Patrixxx, I had done the impossible.

Patrixxx stirred.

"Oh no! I new he couldn't be beaten! I'm doomed!"

Patrixxx stepped towards me and I knew it was over, he could not die, only kept at bay, and eventually I will tire, and when that day comes...

God help us all.

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Written by NotSteve‎
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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