They Came From Behind

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I had served in the police, primarily to help bring down the violent crime that was tearing the fabric of our neighborhood apart. I know you'll probably think what I wanted to do was irresponsible, but in a place like ours you have to take precautions.

You know the part in Terminator 2 where Schwarzenegger shoots backwards at the T-1000? I wanted to emulate that for the hell of it, but also because sometimes you need skills like that. It's just better to be prepared sometimes.

I constantly practiced with a mirror until I could hit the targets that were behind me. After that I also installed a mirror in my house in front of my couch so if I sat there I would be able to see a criminal coming from behind.

It's 10:00 PM and I'm ready for anything.

Slippery bastard, sneaking through my back window. He thinks he's clever. My gun will prove him wrong.

Three shots. That should have taken care of the bugger.

He's still coming! Better duck and rearm.

Wait, where's my reflection in the mirror? Oh shi-

Police Report filed:

At the time of the break in, officers had been alerted by the sound of gunfire. Within several minutes two cars had arrived at the crime scene. What we found was that the apparent owner of the home appeared to have been shot in his chair, holding a pistol. He appears to have been a former or current officer and his funeral will be held as soon as possible.


A few days later after questioning we had found a video of the incident from one of the neigbors' cameras. We do not know how they acquired it, but it does offer an explanation for what happened, at least.

Police Commisonner Ips Calb

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