Toy Story: Black Friday Reel (Later Version)

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I did the impossible. I was scared I would never see a strange copy of Toy Story ever again.

Toy Story is a movie produced by Pixar, being the best and the first (second?) movie to score 100% Rotten Tomatoes because it is legitimately good. Fans of the movie actually liked it because of the impressive CGI Animation.

But when comes to Toy Story being as good, some stuff, don't go much far, far darker than before. Apparently, there's this scene that went cut from the movie, which was named "Black Friday Reel". The scene showed what Woody was arguing with the toys, and Woody claimed that he punched Buzz Lightyear and the light bulb once hit Buzz Lightyear when Woody punched Buzz Lightyear, falling him to the tree. Woody talked to the toys about this and he was trying to claim that his friendship between Buzz was over. The other toys had argued with Woody that Woody was doing something nefarious against Buzz, and he was trying to kill him.

But once I was finding a copy of Toy Story, the copy was labelled as #66666, as if I was trying to find this copy. The other copies #66660 to #66663 next to the copies were normal but copies #66664 to #66666 had a later version of the movie poster, however there are small changes compared to the final poster. The poster was 5 days before the final release of Toy Story. I brought copies from #66664 to #66667, but most likely they are different.

Copy #66664 showed a few extras added, included more unfinished scenes that were cut from the movie and promotional screenshots that were grainy. The tape on this copy was golden, making it extremely rare to find it. It also included VHS Tapes of other animation tests as shown in the behind the scenes.

Copy #66665 However this copy had even more promotional screenshots that are grainy. Apparently the tape was colored blue for some reason.

Copy #66667 Is a unfinished director's cut version of Toy Story, which had all unused scenes and storyboards spliced together. It included all unused scenes in this version, even the tapes. Other than this the tape was colored green.

Today I will be talking about Copy #66666, the most dreadful copy, that included a version of Black Friday Reel with some bits included. This version had a half-finished version of the Black Friday Reel scene, with some parts animated and added extra parts to the storyboard. This is supposed to be a director's cut version but the idea was scrapped until copy #66667.

Apparently, as an overview, the tape was colored red, because it's haunted. This tape was once called "Black Friday Reel VERSION 2" , but it's different than "BLACK FRIDAY REEL VERSION 1" which was the current version of the deleted scene of Toy Story, Black Friday Reel. Apparently it was supposed to be a version of Black Friday Reel, but some parts were added by the creator of the Black Friday Reel scene and the Storyboard director.

Same thing did with the Lion King Alternate Ending where Simba gets dragged off by Scar and fails the fight, ending Simba's life.


I do not believe what I actually saw. This has to be it.

The plot was the exact same as the Black Friday Reel deleted scene, but some parts were added to make the storyboard more finished and extended.

I had the exact same tape, but the only bits I can actually hear was "Woody, why did you do this", "You will never be friends with me, Buzz." and "BUZZ!" but the rest of it was distorted audio and half of it were static, but I can't view the entirety. However, In this tape, it can view the full scene properly, no problems. Apparently the actor for Woody, was actually more angry than the previous part. The new parts were some more darker than the current parts.

The scenes went by the following from the horror I heard:

Woody snaps because the other toys thought that Woody had decided to kill Buzz Lightyear. He escorts Andy's room and jumps off the window

"Why should I trust you, Buzz. You will never be friends with me, Buzz."

Buzz gets off the tree and falls down. All the toys saw what's going on

"That's it, Buzz. You are never going to have a friend in me. I was trying to kill you on accident. Do not worry me."

"I am going to fight you because you thought you tried to say this to me."

"That's right *clicks Woody's gun*. It is time, you have got to break me."

Buzz tried to dodge Woody's attacks but Woody shot his gun at a fraction of a second when Buzz is about to dodge. The plastic bullets didn't do much though.

"If you want to kill me, you have to decide what not to do, Woody."

Woody's hands latched onto Buzz's head, attempted to break it and rip it out, as Buzz became malfunctioned.

"Goodbye, Buzz. We will never be friends again."

Woody gets back in Andy's room and interrogates what happened when he killed Buzz.

"So, I just know that we were not friends with Buzz, but I have decided to not make friends with use anymore."

The rest of it was unknown but I don't think I will actually write it.

Well that was interesting to me that why this scene got scrapped. The reason was the same reason as Black Friday Reel. Good thing it never appeared in the final movie as usual.

I hope I didn't watch this scene. From what I have heard that it was very frantic for Disney. The director of this storyboard was actually trying to complete Black Friday Reel before it got scrapped one day later. I need therapy.

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