Tragic Story

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There was once a man in New York who went to his apartment and decided to cook something since he was hungry because of work. He grabbed the frying pan and thought, Hmmmm. Maybe I should cook eggs. He went to his fridge and grabbed out two eggs. He cracked both the eggs and putted them on the frying pan. He turned on the stove, not knowing that it would burst into flames. The man was caught on fire. He screamed as he ran around his apartment room. He went out his room and ran around the hallway. He hit a girl and the girl suddenly got herpes. He tripped down the stairs and got shit on his face. He went to the reception room and asked for help but he slipped and lost a two teeth. So now he looks like SpongeBob. The ambulance was too late. He went out of the apartment and got hit over by a car. He flew high in the air and Iron Man just flew out of nowhere and hit him. Then Marisa then appeared out of nowhere and Master Sparked the man and shouted "Fuck you, human!". An elderly woman then suddenly hit him with an axe. He started to bleed rainbow blood. But as he was dying, his last words were "This is gonna be a trollpasta, isn't it?" and he facepalmed. And then it rained Skittles and then the Fresh Prince just came out and breakdance.

And everyone was stupid. The end, you loser.

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