Trailer Park Boys: Lost Episode!

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All my life I used to love the Trailer Park Boys episodes. I would always laugh at Ricky, Julian, and Bubble's misadventures. HOWEVER, ONE DAY I SAW AN EPISODE THAT CHANGED MY LIFE FOREVER

I was scrolling through netflix one late night while I was alone to watch some while I was drunk off my ass from 151. All the episodes appeared but one of them said TPB.EXE. I said, "HEY! I've never seen this episode! Time to click on it!" So I did. I began watching it. Oddly enough the intro started first. No interlude, no introduction, nothing. Then it cut halfway to the first episode where Cyrus is pointing a gun to Julian's head. Julian was played by a different actor named Brandon. Julian says "You wanna pull the trigger? Do it!" as he cocks Cyrus's pistol.

But THIS time, he actually did it! blood, brains, eyeballs, teeth, and boogers flew everywhere! It got all over everybody's face and the camera. It was REAL! Cyrus had actually shot him! I guess they must have had to reshoot the whole episode because of this.

Then Cyrus went home and cried on his bed and committed suicide while his eyes bled. An image flashed onscreen during this ordeal for a 4th of a second. I REWINDED IT AND CAUGHT IT. It was a hyperrealistic picture of Bubbles dead! His tongue was out and he was bloody all over! I uploaded the image here but it deleted itself. So I drew a very accurate representation of it! ...Which also deleted itself.

I was about to completely microwave my computer but then a skeleton popped out and the episode made me wanna commit suicide. So I did with a gun the same way Cyrus did.

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