Trip to the 746876275km Pokemon tower PART 2

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Where we last left off... 

I beat the GHOST, but then i encountered something... It was       `M ||!!!!!(A.K.A Missingno), he was level 768, so there was no way i could possibly beat him, i tried and tried, but my pokemon kept fainting!

I was down to my Lv. 100 Mewtwo, and i actually managed to beat him, barely. I continiued on, and found another barrier!

I started to wait, hoping it would eventually go away, but...IT DIDNT. So, iwent back, about 74687627 hours later, it was gone, i continiued.Then i saw a tombstone that said:

Here lies Buried Alive.


I ignored it, and found that i was already at the top... then it hit me... THE OLD MAN WAS BURIED ALIVE!

Suddenly, a battle started...

To be continued... 

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Written by RulesCrash569
Content is available under CC BY-SA

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